Farmhouse Sink Questions

Tricia21December 16, 2012

Hi All,
So i think we're all set on getting a farmhouse sink, but I wanted to see if I could get some more advice on brands. I want to go with cast iron. I think the largest base we can put in our small kitchen is 27" so I'm looking for something around 25". I looked at kohler which everyone seems to love, but they don't make a smaller one. Are there other good brands I should be looking at?

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I love love love our Rohl sink we just got. I think they make a 24, 30 and up. I'd get the largest single bowl you can find :)

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Hi Andi - I think those are all fire clay but I wanted cast iron. It looks like there are lots of fire clay options in 24" but not cast iron. Am I wrong to write off fire clay? Are some fire clay brands sturdier than others?

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Oh, oops, I missed the cast iron part...I naturally think fireclay with farmhouse sinks :)

Honestly, I don't know enought about it - but I thought that fireclay was more durable than cast iron. Meaning, cast iron can't necessarily be cleaned with just antyhing like the fireclay can. But, don't quote me on that - I just remember someone telling me that when I was debating what to get.

I do know that I have had no issues with fireclay. I had a Kohler fireclay in my last house for 12 years - no problems at all - and I am not gentle :)

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I have the Herbeau fireclay for myself, and just bought the Kohler Whitehaven for my mom, as she wanted the most durable sink possible. I vaguely remember another GW member mentioning an Ikea cast iron farmhouse sink, but could be mistaken. Other than that, I'm not aware of anything but the Kohler Whitehaven line.

As for fireclay, I've had mine for about a year now, and love it. The plumber left the flange a little loose to prevent cracking and then used some type of silicone caulk. For the first few months I was extremely careful. I cook with all cast iron pots and pans, and I was worried for several months that the pots and pans would crack or chip the fireclay. I was also extremely careful about pouring hot liquids into the sink.

At this point, I usually forget altogether that I have fireclay. It's still in perfect condition. it's proven to be durable, and my cast-iron pots haven't affected it in the least. Although I don't pour boiling liquids directly into the sink without first running cold water, I know other family members have probably done so without a problem.

The fireclay has also been just as stain-proof as my other 2 enameled cast iron kitchen sinks.

All in all, I'd encourage you to consider fireclay.

Good luck!!

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I have a Kohler cast iron. The Hawthorne model.

I love it and it's had some serious abuse, spending it's first 4 years on the garage floor in a raggy, torn up box.

Somehow it got a slice in the bowl. Like a paper cut, sideways slice. And, from the water softener hose freezing, and the softener overflowing with salt water, the underside began to rust some.

However, God bless Kohler, they sent me a whole new one. Since my sink is built in/undermount, that one sits in the barn in pristine condition.

This is a tough sink for the most part. It takes a lot of banging and dropping things. Its bowls are too shallow for me, and it's divided, and I've come to see I'd like a bigger, single bowl.

After rereading this, I see I have a love/hate relationship with my sink.

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Hmmm...Okay, after looking like crazy, i don't see any 24" cast iron so I'm going to look more into fire clay. I think I'll post a Fire Clay brands thread....Thanks everyone!

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Dude Honestly, I don't know enought about it However I think they make a 24, 30 and up i some place to get help to you just go and find i have good service from them you can find different size of farmhouse kitchen sink i m pritty sure about that http://www cbath com/kitchen-sink/stainless-steel-kitchen-sinks/farmhouse-apron-front-sinks html

Here is a link that might be useful:

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