Reveal (and another ABB club member)

threegracesDecember 22, 2013

We're still ABB, but it may be awhile before we get there. I welcome any suggestions for the perfect neutral backsplash!

We have lived in this house almost 6 years and have been planning a remodel that entire time. As you can see from the befores, we lived in a "one butt" kitchen. I'm really glad we waited as long as we did because we created a much better layout than anything that we (or any KDs) came up with when we first started planning. We always knew we would knock out that back wall (there was an underutilized bedroom back there), but it wasn't until we realized we should just flip the entire footprint around that everything fell into place. You can see the odd bump-in from the adjoining dining room. That was due to our built-in hutch that was the inspiration for the style of our remodel. Our house is a 1910 Craftsman that has been largely updated save for the kitchen (and an epic lavender bathroom - next project). We wanted the style to be fitting of the house - thick crown, simple Shaker style cabs, wood floors, clean lines. The woodwork on the rest of the first floor had been painted white so we went that direction vs. the dark wood style. Inset would have been lovely but like everyone else, we are on a budget and with the scope of the construction, and the projects that remain in This Old House, we did makes some compromises.

Turns out that I really like the aesthetic of the OTK ;) I changed my mind about a lot of things over the last six years but white cabs were always in the picture. We had contemplated going with IKEA cabinets but since they got rid of their wood shaker style, none of the door styles really sang to me. We were going to go with an online only company but at the last minute, our GC just didn't have a good feeling about it so he asked a KD he works with to price out something similar. Our cabinets are Waypoint maple painted in Linen. They were only about $200 more than the online place and it made our GC feel better to work locally. So far we like them a lot. Yes, they show dirt and we have a toddler so there have been a few mystery stains. No regrets there at all. They are full extension, soft close drawers and doors, very nice construction and so much cheaper than any other full service line we priced out. We have a trash pull out, tray divider, lazy Susan and 18" upper uppers.

We had a few snafus - the biggest was finding out that we had no load-bearing wall. We decided with consultation from a truss expert that our second floor hadn't fallen down in over 100 years so it was probably going to last another 100. The alternative would have been a very costly steel beam that would have destroyed our dining room hutch and a room in our basement. It meant that I didn't get coffered ceilings but our budget was maxed and then some by the end anyway.

To accommodate the bump-in, we created a pantry wall. It was a joint design effort with consideration for budget and we love how it turned out! The floor to ceiling cabinets are 24" deep except for the upper-uppers which only came in 12" deep. Love the storage space in the 24" cabinets. The bar height cabinets are 12" deep and wonderful for storage. We have cabinets that are still empty! DH and I painted and installed the shelves ourselves so we have to take full credit/blame. I think we did a pretty good job.

Things we love: the extra money we spent to move the exterior door was worth every penny as it revolutionized (is that hyperbole?) our kitchen's functionality. Having 2 different countertops. Our red oak floors - we spent about 2 minutes picking them and couldn't be happier. Our kitchen TV - this has been the most used TV in the house! We don't have an open floor plan so I love being able to watch TV while cooking. Helps entertain our Little Miss as well. I love the microwave in the island but with the kiddo we need to learn how to lock the buttons. I love my 36" Kohler Whitehaven. DH doesn't love it as much as I do, but guess who uses it a lot more? Putting an island and a table even though our GC thought it would be too tight. We have 10" overhang on our island and I was really worried about it but it is just fine - any deeper and it would have made the walkway too narrow. The hardest part was finding barstools to fit.

Things we learned: see your templated slab before it is cut. We picked our island slab from a sample, albeit a big one, but it was not the same. We thought we were getting a creamy white and gray veined stone. We didn't anticipate the Bordeaux and tan veining and overall warmer color. I really hated it at first but I'm ok with it now and if I still hate it in a few years, I can get one of the dozens of marble-look quartzes that will be out by then. We DO love the honed finish though.

If money were no object: glass front upper uppers with back lighting, coffered ceiling, a fancy dancy range and fridge, the Artistic Tile jet marble mosaic backsplash that I can't get out of my mind; would have loved the money for a mudroom addition

Things that still aren't finished - backsplash, obviously; deciding what, if any, window treatments; a few decor elements here and there.

Cabinets - Waypoint in Linen
Countertops island - honed White Delicatus
Countertops perimeter and bar - polished Opalescence (I wanted honed, DH wanted polished, he won)
Fridge and range - our old Kenmores as we ran out of cash
Range hood - Cavaliere-Euro SV218B2-30 30 Inch 900 CFM from
Lighting over sink and island - Landmark Chadwick collection in satin nickel
Lighting over table - Design Classics Craftsman with alabaster glass in satin nickel
Hardware - all Stone Mill from in Nantucket cup pull, Laurel cabinet pull (on pantry cabs) and Mystic knobs all in Swedish Iron. This was our steal of the whole remodel - all the hardware including shipping was DW - Maytag MDB8949SBM from AJ Madison
Micro - GE PEB2060SMSS also from AJ Madison
Disposal - InSinkErator Essential (love it!!!) also from AJ Madison
Sink - 36" Kohler Whitehaven cast iron in white (my baby)
Faucet - Whitehaus Vintage III in Pewter (love, love, love the finish) from Vintage Tub & Bath
Flooring - red oak in medium stain, don't know the brand. We had maple adjoining the kitchen on one side and oak on the other so we had to decide between the two.
Wall color - Ace Dover Gray
Open shelving - homemade planks painted matte black
Table - 42" that we had a ton of problems with so I won't even tout the brand
Bar stools -World Market
Rugs - indoor/outdoor rugs from Overstock that are a breeze to vacuum and hose off when dirty
Back door - Beyer Built steel door in Bahama Brown (another quick decision that I am thrilled with). It has really nice dentil molding on the outside. Hardware is Kwikset in ORB.

If you have any other questions, just ask. I know I forgot details despite my novel. Thanks for looking and thanks for all the inspiration, advice, and wisdom over the last many years.

View from dining room before


Former kitchen in all its glory

Is now our pantry wall (complete with dog photo bomb)

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Looking back at the bedroom that became part our kitchen. We turned the window into the back door and sealed up the existing door. Added a bit of $$$ to the bill but SOOOO worth it

Standing in what is now our back doorway

The wall we removed (and again, puppy photo bomb)

The faux load-bearing wall that is now gone (view from the hallway)

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I think our kitchen matches our dog, don't you?

Original built in and inspiration for the kitchen style

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Very nice! I like your colors & choices. Nice doggie too. Enjoy :)

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Annie Deighnaugh

Wow what a difference! You must so enjoy being in the kitchen now. It came out really nice. Well done!

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I enjoyed reading your write-up very much and loved seeing the pictures. What a transformation. I especially like your new back door, your double cabinets to the ceiling, the crown, your new floors, lighting and barstools, and that you included both an island and a table (lots to really like!!). Are those 9 ' or 10' ceilings? They look tall. Congratulations!

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Thanks - it is so true that it changes how you live in your home. Before I spent as little time in the kitchen as possible because it was such a cramped, unpleasant place. Now we spend so much more time in there. We've had a couple of parties and everyone seems to linger in the kitchen even if the food isn't in there.

Bat - they are only 9'. There is some weird optical illusion in this house where the ceilings seem higher than they are (not complaining!). Out GC measured and remeasured them because he didn't think they were only 9' either.

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How lovely! I love the feel of it, with the dining set and the red oak floors! Pretty countertops, too.

Congratulations! Well done!


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What a huge improvement!

I like your paint color - you can wait as long as you want to decide on a backsplash.

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It all looks beautiful! Your pantry wall is beautiful and complements the hutch behind it well. It actually works out that the topmost cabs are 12": it'd be hard to reach items in the back of deeper ones. The island top works well, too, picking up the floor and stool tones. Love those stools!

Even though you didn't move the door to the DR, does it feel more connected, because the work wall moved?

It's really beautiful, and even the DR hutch is all ready for Christmas!

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Really nice! I like how you worked with the character of the house.

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beautiful! very nicely done- enjoy it!

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Gosh! That is such a wonderful transformation, you have to be beaming every time you walk in there. Isn't it a revelation on how great it can be when things have a place of there own - i.e all your storage now. And I know what you mean about wanting to spend more time in your kitchen now. Same with me. Before I would not even think of inviting a friend to have an impromptu meal or even coffee in my kitchen. Now I don't think twice! and it's not nearly as gorgeous as yours.

Oh, of course the dog bomb is precious. How do they know when that camera comes out? ha. Love him/her.

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Wow amazing! I love what you have done! Can we see a close up of the island stone? looks luscious.

For your pulls are they solid on the back when you put your fingers back there or do they have little ridges? What a steal!

You have created such a beautiful space, I am sure you are enjoying it.

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I love it, and your home with the Craftsman details. I am looking to do white Shaker with black counter too when I get ready.

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Enjoyed reading your story. After all the thought, planning & work you put into your design, it's just lovely. I really like your island stone top. Love your painted exterior door and the white trim around It. Is it black or dark brown?
Your cabinets with the uppers look great. Love your wall paint color. I guess I love your whole kitchen because I could go on and on. Really great kitchen!

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Very lovely! I like your counters esp. Beautiful redo, enjoy!

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Beautiful! I love the coordination in your light fixtures and the colors all look terrific together. Your stools and chairs look very stylish and comfortable. Congratulations!

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Three Graces, this is one of the best Before and Afters I have ever seen! Also you have beautiful taste. Congratulations and thank you for sharing the pics.

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Threegraces, your kitchen remodel is lovely! It seems so very conducive to having family dinners, a quick snack, and/or guests hanging out while you're preparing for a party. Fabulous!

Can I ask you the dimensions of your new kitchen space?

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Such a nice transformation. I bet the GC is thrilled with it too!

When I saw your dog in one of the earlier pictures I thought, does he have two different colored ears?. then your last posting showed it clearly. Is that were you got the idea for two different colored counters ? :) Smart Dog.

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Great reveal and a wonderful transformation.
I love your descriptions of the kitchen.
Great colors - lightens up your kitchen
Love you light choices as well
And puppy fits in perfectly.
Now, to get you out of the ABB club!
Looking forward to seeing KAW photos
Congratulations on a job well done!

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What a lovely kitchen...and dog. :)

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Does anyone know where I can get an electric bbq and stand???

Just kidding! :-) Your kitchen is really lovely. I love how you kept out in the character of the house. Very brave losing a bedroom, but it looks like it was well worth it, and who wants to sleep next to the kitchen anyway? Your kitchen scores points on both aesthetics and function.

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Looks great! Nice update while fitting the style of your home. And I love that island countertop - goes great with the warmth of your floors. I wouldn't change a thing.

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Looks great! Nice update while fitting the style of your home. And I love that island countertop - goes great with the warmth of your floors. I wouldn't change a thing.

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bpathome - since we have a circular floor plan and you can enter the kitchen from the dining room and a hallway off the living room, it doesn't feel isolated at all. Certainly no more so than pre-remodel. Kids love our house; it has a track! Great point about the 12" deep upper-uppers.

kam79 - they are smooth on the back. I think they might still have a supply on that website. You have to go through the clearance section to find them; it was hard to navigate to and was just a lucky find. We were going to buy them from another site for 5x the price.

romy718 - it is a color called "Bahama Brown". It's a very dark brown that complements the dark woodwork in the back hallway.

dccurly (I'm also a curly girl) - I will have to find the measurements as I can't remember exactly. I think it's around 22x11 now.

Thanks everyone for all the kind comments. I will get a closeup of the island top and check the measurements.

Our dog does have 2 different colored ears - that was what I saw on the adoption site that made me say to DH "THIS is our dog!". Hard to resist that face, even if she is a photo bomber.

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Great job. Having a budget seems to have been a plus as it gives a clear focus. It is a really lovely, warm room which will be fun to hang in. So fitting with the character of the house. Beautiful.

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Here is a closeup of the island granite with white subway tile (the front runner for the field tile on our BS).

Our previous kitchen was 9'x15', it is now 22.5'x15'!!!

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Wow, threegraces, that's a wonderful transformation! I see many elements in your home, like the darker, stained old wood and higher baseboard, as in mine. Great!

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Holly- Kay

What a beautiful kitchen. My jaw dropped as I scrolled from the before to the after. I love every aspect of your beautiful new kitchen. I have the Whitehaven too and I also call it my baby. I love it more each day.

Wishing you many happy times in your lovely new kitchen.


Love your pupster!

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One of the nicest kitchen remodels I have ever seen. Yes, ever. I am completely impressed. You have combined modern function with historic character in a remarkable way. Best of all, you have avoided the kitchen remodeling fads that will make you kitchen look badly dated in ten years.


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I'm so glad I got to see your beautiful kitchen. I was giving a shout out to you on another thread where you were having problems with your sink. We are also getting a Whitehaven 36 inch, and you had mentioned that you were waiting for a third sink, as the previous two had flaws. I was on pins and needles and I've been dying to know if your third sink was a keeper. It sounds like you love it, so I guess I have no worries. Enjoy your gorgeous new kitchen.

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rosefolly - wow! thank you so much!

ikeltz - it was threeapples that was on a third sink, lol. I've only had one. So far, so good. I see the confusion though! Wanted to let you know in case you were waiting for me to give you info :-)

Now, to get out of the ABB club...

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OOPS! My mistake. Well, your kitchen is lovely, and I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that our sink arrives with no issues. Your Whitehaven is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to have mine installed.

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Beautiful and I love your dog, she matches the kitchen. Great job. Love it.

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Looks really nice. Good job!

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Beautiful. Nice job. The kitchen and dining room is ace dover gray? It looks blueish. I love it. Trying to find the right paint color for my kitchen.

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jennvettek - yes the kitchen is Dover Gray (the dining room is orange). It is a blue-gray and reads more blue in certain light. It's definitely not a neutral greige or warm gray.

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Very nice. How do you like the vent hood? We're thinking of using cavaliere in our build, I hope you're liking it. How noisy have you found it to be? Any issues with make up air?

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peony - we had ZERO venting before so the bar was not set very high! But we do like it and seem to be able to get by on level 3 of 6 for most cooking. It is loud above 3 but I have never had a vent hood so I have no reference point for it being louder than other vents. It seems to do the job for the kind of cooking we do and I don't have any complaints. I'm afraid I don't even know what make up air is so I guess we haven't had issues with it?

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Thanks so much for posting your story, the photos and such clear and detailed information! I have a 1912 Craftsman with a kitchen that was slightly remodeled in 1963, and that has a multitude of doors and windows. I couldn't handle both a job and a remodel and remain sane, but have now retired and have been trying to collect all the good ideas into one plan for this tiny space. Your information is not only sooo helpful, but leaves me encouraged that I can actually do this. Much appreciated.

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threegraces - the tile looks great!
Have you made a decision?
We want to help you escape from the ABB club!

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I never come to this forum but the photo of this kitchen shows up in the quilting forum and when I saw the color of the walls along with the white trims and cabinets I just had to post. Our entire house are these colors and I never get tired of it. We built it in 2005 so I don't have the color chip anymore, nice to know the name of yours so hopefully if I repaint or touch up I can find it. I love it.

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Really gorgeous! I love it and how well it fits your home. I like the simplicity of that tile choice which will complete the elegant and clean look.

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Wow! Your kitchen is wonderful, and I love the inspiration "built in" you started with. You did an amazing job!

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You did a great job, three graces. It has a beauty and calmness. I really love your new layout--it looks very user friendly.

Regarding your backsplash: Since the tile will be next to your polished Opalescence, also compare any tile candidates against the perimeter counter.

I didn't get my backsplash right away, but that gave me time to figure out what I wanted, and it turned out the glass mosaic my husband and I initially loved, appealed to me less and less as I lived in my kitchen. I realized I had lots of polished and shiny things now. So I went matte (see below). So if you aren't getting a backsplash right away, take the time to put up color swatches, a scarf you like, etc. To be honest, I kind of like your paint color!

Here is a link that might be useful: Veranda Daltile matte finish porcelain

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I see your kitchen re-make every day when I come on the garden web and have to say I've never seen a kitchen I like better. You have my dream. I'm so happy you posted your paint color. I love it! You and your husband work very well together!

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plnjmw - glad I could give you some confidence in what can be done in a older home. Good luck with your remodel.

a2gemini, rhome and colorfast - we haven't decided on tile yet. Starting to lean towards plain white subway. The mosaic we picked looks awesome with the perimeter, cabs and paint but not so great with the island. The mosaic is too cool and the island too warm to go together. I'll check out that link, thanks colorfast. I do love our paint color; I want a backsplash at least behind the sink for the functionality of it. I do splash a lot back there.

rita, peke and patti - thank you so much for your very kind words. I'm embarrassed that my kitchen is showing up - I don't know why it's doing that. I didn't know if everyone could see that.

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I still love that original built-in so much. It is so beautiful! The kitchen looks great and IMO the white subway will be perfect and timeless. Great choice--go for it!

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Sorry to sound dense, but what is ABB club?

This kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!!!

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ABB = All But Backsplash (a very common club around here)

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duplicate post!

This post was edited by threegraces on Sun, Mar 2, 14 at 22:17

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I, of course, was drawn to this thread from the teaser photos on the W page! Your kitchen is soo lovely, and I have already garnered some inspiration for our own kitchen remodel. That is a couple years down the road, still, but I am planning now! Your island is especially awesome!

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So beautiful!

What does ABB mean?

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I remember when you posted your reveal.
Soooo beautiful!
Are you enjoying every minute in it? :)

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