What size/number of pulls on 30" drawers?

mountaineergirlDecember 11, 2012

This isn't the first time this question has been asked. I have done a little research but was hoping to get more responses. I will have 3 banks of 30" drawers and one bank of 27" I am struggling with 1 vs 2 pulls. I am looking at this bar pull:

It is 5 3/4" I can't find one like it that is longer and I really like it. AND it is very inexpensive, from Pullsdirect.com


Here is a link that might be useful: Other thread about pulls

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I put 2 5 inch pulls on my 30 inch drawers but with that beautiful pull - bet you can do just one!

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It's a lovely pull, but I would worry about the look of putting just one pull on drawers as wide as you are mentioning.

I wonder - can you order a few of them and mock it up on a drawer by using the Command quick release strips with one pull vs. two pulls?

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Looks vs function ~ Two would look better, but one makes more sense when you have a pot or pan in one hand that you are going to put away...

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I have very similar in ORB on 36" drawers. One 8" pull per drawer.

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Thanks for your replies. If I could find this in a longer version, that's what I'd do. 8" sounds perfect and if I could get this 8" I'd do that. But these were less than $3 each!! and its quite heavy - I was surprised. So its not the expense, just looks and function.

I guess my concern is what would happen over years of opening the drawer with one hand if there are 2 pulls. The glides are lifetime warranty, but still...

so, is that an issue? I think longer than 30" you'd definitely want 2, but 30" seems to be that gray area. I think on the 27" I will just go with 1 or it wouldn't look right.

anyhoo keep the replies coming!

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Mountaineer girl, lovely pull! Would you mind sharing the manufacturer, etc? I see a couple that are similar on Pulls.com, but not quite as pretty. Thanks!

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modern life interiors


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With modern drawer glides there is no issue having two pulls and only pulling on one of them. Have it in mine for 9 years now, do it all the time.

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No problem! I'd be glad to share. Like I said I was pleasantly surprised at how heavy they felt. I ordered this one another similar one that was 3 times more and couldn't see paying that. But even $7 is not bad.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pulls direct.com

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Do you have a drawer front in your current kitchen that you could try it on? Maybe a sink base cabinet? If not, get some paper, draw out the dimensions of a bank of your drawers and lay the pulls on top of it. If you only have one pull, photocopy it.

Personally I like 2 pulls on a drawer that big but my pulls are 4 1/2'' wide. I used 2 on 28" and 33" drawers. The 28'' was the only drawer and the 33" were a bank of 3 drawers.

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That's a good idea but our current kitchen is already demoed (is that a word?) anyhow I did ask DH to imagine drawers the width of our 30" range with one pull and he said def got to have 2. He thought 1 would look skimpy. So I'll get 2. Better than not having enough and then the co running out of stock. I noticed it said 105 in stock and I'll need approx 30. I'm doing knobs for the cab doors

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Thanks, mountaineergirl. I really like it, but they don't seem to have any knobs left to coordinate. Order yours while they still have 'em and then maybe I'll order one to look at, just in case I can match it up w/something at the local knob shop. (Yes, we have one. LOL.) I am also looking at another of their pulls, but it is twice as much. That is a nice bargain.

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Mizlizzie - the knobs I have aren't the same style as the pull either. Its the same finish, but just smooth, nothing fancy. I thought it looked ok, but now you have me wondering. They will just be on the upper cabs. and a section of cabs on another wall that doesn't have drawers.

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I accidentally put a single 4" pull on my 40" drawer. (I meant to put two, but got into a zone while drilling drawer fronts.) It looks just fine. Really.

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Ok I got the second pull I ordered today. It cost $6.39 each, as compared to $2.75 for the first pull.

this pull doesn't have the design all the way around it. It is flat on the back side. The first one has the design all the way around. That matters to me, I think it looks more expensive when it was actually less than half! They seem to weigh about the same. So, its a no-brainer right?? I'm going with the first one.

I want to add that I think long-term, the first one may get yucky quicker. More detail to keep grime out of, but I'm trying to break the habit of thinking that way. Our 3 boys are out of the house now and I can get what I like without having to think about cleaning it (this goes for everything - carpet, paint color, floor tile etc) but it is a really hard habit to break!

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Debbi Branka

I have 30" drawers that I put one pull on, and it's a 3.5" pull. I didn't really know any better at the time. When I built my island, I have one 30" drawer that is secretly my warming drawer. I put 2 pulls on that one (same style pulls in all of kitchen). If I could change the first drawer bank to 2 pulls, I definitely would. It just looks nicer. I love the pulls you've chosen. I would put 2 on your 30" drawers. Just 1 on the 27" drawer is fine, IMO.

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