Signature Custom Cabinets

cadenDecember 26, 2010

Does anyone have experience with Signature Custom cabinets?

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Hey Caden!

Signature cabs are mfg in Penn in the Lancaster region. They are direct competitiors of Rutt cabinetry and run about 20% less.

They offer Framed and Frameless cabinets and are fully custom. There is a wide range of colors in stain as well as paint. They are very reliable, their production teniques are solid and have technical engineers who review the order prior to going into production.

Signature works on an "a la carte" basis. They offer a lot of options for upgrades so that you can be flexible with the pricing. (Currently they are now offering blumotion full extension undermount slides as a standard.)

I can give you a better answer if I know what are you looking to do in terms of finish/style etc?

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Thanks for the information! Trying to make a final decision on cabinets. This was helpful.

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Hey better2boutside,

I am trying to determine if the Signature Cabinets that you are referring to are the same Signature Cabinets makers who I had 13 years ago. When I moved in, I asked my builder to give me a list of contractors and it indicated Signature Cabinets for my kitchen. I called the rep and number I had but it is not a company # anymore. Do you know if they used to do cabinets directly for builders in the No.VA area? I would like to make some changes and wanted to see if I could just go with them again so that the color/style would remain the same.

Would appreciate any info. thanks

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Hey Sandy!

Sorry I did not respond. I lost this post in the forum volume and just fell accross it again.

The Signature Cabinets of Lancaster was never in Virginia to my knowledge.

Matching existing cabinets can be tricky depending on the construction and door detailing, not to mention the color.

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I'm having Signature cabinets installed at this very moment. The quality seems great, and they look beautiful.

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We were going to purchase Signature Cabs, which looked great but we changed our mind at the minute to Crown Point. We have both sample doors here at home and the Crown Point is thicker then the Sig Cab, I believe it's 3/4 vs 1 inch.

The best part about switching was now have full control on the design process and pricing of my order. Our final price was thousands less then Signature, we got exactly what we wanted and the doors/cabs are built like a tank.

Signature seemed to an excellent cab company but I believe I got a far better product for less money.

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What other cabinet lines is Signature comparable to? Our budget is more semi-custom than custom but I've heard good things about Signature, so would be curious about how it falls along the spectrum price, quality wise etc.

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