Kitchen Sink replacement question

chanjDecember 4, 2013

Hi all - hopefully someone can help me with this:

Currently, I have a Americast Cast Iron kitchen sink (25" by 22") that is chipping badly. I want to replace it with a Blanco Silgranit Diamond, also 25" by 22".

However, after looking at the install guides (if I'm reading them correctly), I think the cut out area for the Americast is 23-3/4 X 20-3/4, while the cut out needed for the Blanco is 24-1/4" x 21-1/4". Which means the cut out for the Blanco is about 1/2" bigger than what I have currently with the Americast.

My counter top is laminate, and we're hoping to keep it while just replacing the sink itself.

Given the difference in the cut out, and the fact that the Blanco needs a bigger hole, does that mean I cannot use the Blanco?

In other words, can a laminate counter top be "enlarged" (cut off half a inch all around) to fit in a new sink, without destroying it?

Any advice and/or suggestions are welcome! Thank you!

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Sure, you can easily cut laminate. Got a multi tool? Or a Dremel?

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Buy a package of jigsaw blades with a selection of general, wood, and plastic. Install one and see how well it cuts through the plastic laminate and substrate by just starting in 1/8" or so. You want to avoid chipping.

Your backsplash may not let you get the jigsaw close enough to cut the rear. If not, and you've got the room, just make the front cut larger and move the sink forward. It that's not an option, you could use a laminate trimmer with a straight cutter freehand, or a Rotozip to cut the rear.

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Thanks for all the answers - appreciate it!!! Makes me feel a lot better that we probably won't need to get new counters!!! Happy Holidays!

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