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bottlecrusherDecember 9, 2013

We currently have a corner sink which makes our kitchen very dysfunctional. We are considering moving it to an outside wall to gain cabinet space and functionality. We cannot move any of the walls due to the layout/structure of the house. We considered an island or a peninsula, but there just didn't seem to be enough space to get something useful. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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If you remove everything from the 147 in wall you could have an island in rectangular format that runs left to right in your space..possibly extending over into the left area of your spac..[don't know what that space currently is] ... place stools so the view is out the window....and seating on left end unites that [?family room] with kitchen. So you get an L kitchen with island. There is nothing wrong with flanking 3 walls as you show except you gain large unused floorspace-could do a small can do extra things so the walls don't look all lined up with cabinets-varying depths ,some open shelves, some upper display cabinets to ceiling/etc. Just depends on what you want and budget. Three long walls lined up with cabinets will be a significant cost as opposed to the net gain from an island which gives seating and changes the dynamic of the space. You'll have to think a bit more about your family and this part of your home...what you can/want to realize from the project.

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I like Herbflavor's idea of eliminating the 147" wall. That also makes the corner more usable.

Can't tell how the rest of the house is laid out, but you may be able to run the "island" all the way to the current 147" wall, making it more of a galley kitchen. Would give you much better prep space too.

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My sympathies to your corner sink plight, I too am having to contend with one until my remodel. The 9' from frig to sink is quite the distance.

I think herbflayors idea is a possibility but ...

To do it that way you would be having to traverse to the other side of the island to get at your sink. I would have the sink on the frig side if you are going to do an island.

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