Help with hairline crack in granite

CT_NewbieDecember 16, 2013

We had our polished Princess White counter tops installed about 5 weeks ago. Just now, I noticed a hairline crack in the small portion that is to the side of our range top. It's right at the edge of the pen. (In the photo, the crack runs from left (the bottom) to right (tar part of the counter)) because the orientation of the way the orientation of the photo came out) I can feel it when I run my finger over it and it follow the vein for a good six? inches. The area around the start of the vein near the edge (maybe 1/4 - 1/2" wide) is a little rough too. However, the edge feels smooth so it doesn't seem like a very deep crack. There is also another section in the middle about 2" long where I can feel the vein.

Is this normal, especially for my type of granite which has a lot of veins and crystal-like areas where the stone has visibly been compressed? Or should the entire counter feel smooth? Do I need to ask the stone company to "fix" it? Does it need more sealant and is it at risk of cracking more? I really like this section of the granite as it has a little bit of blue color (not in the photo) which is rare in this stone so I'd rather not replace it.

Any thoughts as to when this crack occurred or if there was an attempted repair? I'm not sure if it is a new crack or if I didn't notice it when it was installed because there was a lot of gunk from the sealant leftover and it took many different scrubs to get it off. Also, we had kept a box and papers on that spot for a while which covered it Ironically, I had been worried about the big L shaped part of the granite but that is fine.

Please advise.

Thank you!

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Maybe it's me, but I can't see the picture.

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I can't see a pic either.

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I am a fabricator.

your description sounds like a fissure which is common in many types of stone. a good tip off that its not a crack is that it doesn't penetrate into the edge.

its common for people to find features in their stone that are natural and were always there because many stones have a LOT of variation. I've had the tops in my kitchen for years and still occasionally notice a new feature.

I'd recommend asking your fabricator. they get questions like this often and by knowing your stone they can tell you if what you are describing is normal. If you want even more assurance ask them to stop by when in the area and look at the area in question.

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Here's another try at posting the pic. But it is hard to tell from the picture. One needs to feel it.

Thank you Mr. Fabricator. I will ask the fabricator. They are from our old town (25 min away) so not sure when they can stop by. Would they be concerned about any liability and would they give me an honest answer?

Thank you.

Thank you!

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It's a fissure. It can be injected with a bit of epoxy if you are concerned. But, I wouldn't have any concerns as long as the counter won't be subject to teens hopping on top of it.

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I have this stone in my bathrooms. I took close-up photos of the slabs in the stoneyard. Upon install, I noticed two of these 'cracks' in the counters and backsplash. It turns out that these were in the stone prior to fabrication--I found them in the photos when I magnified the picture! I haven't had any problems but, again, these are bathroom counters, not in the kitchen. I rejected several slabs of this stone due to major cracks that were less visible from the front of the slab but readily so from the back (I made them pull them out so I could see both sides). I was shocked that I ended up with any cracks but couldn't fault the fabricator. My fabricator hated working with this stone by the way. (The counters were installed in 2010.)

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Thank you both! Well one of the contractors was standing on the other side to reach in to get at the vent for the hood. I asked that he use a ladder where possible and mentioned the other thread where someone sat on the counter and it broke.

OK, livewire, I will ask about the epoxy and I do feel better that it is a fissure vs. a crack. I think I will go over every inch of the rest of the counter as long as the stone people might be coming out.

oldryder - I guess this stone is sort of like high heels; a little pain in exchange for beauty :)

Txs again

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agree with LWO...looks like a fissure.

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