The great cookie exchange

ao34December 10, 2012

Forgive me if this is already done, but would you guys be interested in sharing your favorite cookie/candy recipe for the holidays? I have a couple to share if others are intersted.

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I would love it - not sure if it will get bumped over to the cooking forum but I never think to check there and now I have a real oven to make cookies.

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It will probably be considered "off topic" and be moved by the iVillage administrators to the "Conversations" side of Kitchens. However, as A2Gemini mentioned, there is a Cooking Forum. I think you'll either find an existing thread on the Cooking Forum that you could post to or start a thread of your own.

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Good call...thanks!

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How in the world do you get to the conversations side without that link you posted? I've never heard of or seen it until now?

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I would love to see us use the Conversation side of the forum more! We all seem to have so much to discuss and get off-topic so often. That's the whole point of the Convseration side, but it rarely gets used. It seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

Anyway, Autumn, you can go there yourself by looking at the top of any page of threads. Right above the list of numbers of pages, it says something about "on-topic convseration". The right of that it says (Switch to Gallery....Conversations). Click the Conversation button. The side isn't very active so you'll so many old threads.

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Thank you breezy! I have a difficult time with the layout of this site. I always feel like I am fumbling around!

While we are talking OT, this is OT - have you noticed that sometimes your name is followed by an 8? I have no idea what that means. I have seen one other persons like that too. It was within the same thread that you posted more than once and one post it was there and a different one it wasn't. ???

So it's: breezygirl 8 (My Page)

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I just noticed the numeral next to my name on a post yesterday and thought to myself that I hadn't previously seen my zone identifier. The numeral refers to the USDA plant hardiness zones. I'm in zone 8a, although in recent years sliding towards 7b, but that's a different story. :)

Gardenweb was originally founded and used primarily as a gardening info site and members were identified with a zone along with their user name so plants and gardening could be appropriately zonally discussed. I'm not sure why my zone appears intermittently with my name. Another GW software mystery, of which their are many.

Did you find Conversations?

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Oh, that makes sense I guess. I had never seen it before yesterday.

Yes I did, thank you Breezy! I will have to add that to my browsing periodically.

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