Marble countertop question

KateB22December 18, 2013

I have decided to go with carrara marble countertops in my kitchen.
I am wondering if I should use a different countertop material for the areas around the sink?
I would think water would negatively impact the marble?
Do people generally do a different thing next to the sink and if so what? thanks

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I have marble next to my sink. I don't think the water is an issue. There are buildings that with marble on the exteriors and statues that have been exposed to wind and rain for centuries. The food and drink that go in and around the sink can be -- but it doesn't bother me to have a little slight etching.

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I haven't had my marble long enough to know if my water is going to etch it. Some people complain about chipping around the sink from hitting the edges with heavy pans during cleanup. A farm style sink might reduce chipping?

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