~98% finished kitchen

itsnotrocketscienceDecember 15, 2010

First a big thanks to the many who helped me along the way. My kitchen works better thanks to you. If only I discovered this site a bit earlier!

I still have some finish trim, painting and a few other odds and ends to do. This is the first day in 3 months I have a working kitchen!

I'll provide some details here, I'll fill in the rest when I get around to the Finished Kitchen Blog.

Things I'm really glad I did: large corner susan, three full extension drawer for pots and pans and stuff, spice rack in upper cab to right of range, ''vitamin'' rack (as DW calls it) in pantry, sticking with the plan to include an island even though it is a wee one, trash pullout in end of island. To soon to say how tickled I'll be with my appliances, but I sure like how they look.

Things I would do differently given the chance: more drawers instead of lower doors, a tad better budget management (oh that homeowner induced scope creep is a bugger), a little different lighting arrangement (like one that doesn't give me a sunburn when at full blast). Not any really big woulda shoulda couldas here - I'm happy!

Countertop: Lemonela quartzite from a local yard - I seriously don't think anymore of this stuff exists anywhere.

Appliances: range - Capital Culinarian; hood - Modern Aire; frige - Liebherr freestanding french door; dishwasher - Miele Diamante; speed oven - Miele; warming drawer - Miele

Sink stuff: sink - Koehler Executive Chef; faucet - Kohler Vinnata; instant hot water system - Everhot hot/cold; filter - Bodyglove; soap dispenser - Kohler; air switch for disposal. Hmmm, I'm in California, where's the air gap for the DW? Shucks, I guess I forgot.

Cabinets - Smallbone custom beaded frame, flush inset, Blum hinges and guides, maple melamine interior. Custom stained and finished. Island done differently, it is distressed and darker.

Backsplash: honed and filled travertine, ''Premium Italian'' 12'' x 12'' floor tiles cut into 4'' x 4'' tiles by my granite fabricator, edges eased. 1-1/2'' buttons made from left over counter top material, milled to approximate thickness of tile. I don't recall the grout color.

Floor - existing - Anderson Mountain Hickory Golden (the few spots where new floor was laid sure doen't match the old very well.

Hardware - Jeffery Alexander, Symphony and Venezia lines

Now the pix:

And just to show how much DW and I love our dog, we kept his dog door and stoped the cabinet short (this used to be under the overhang of the peninsula).

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Looks great. Capital Culinarian seems awesome. How many cfm's does your hood have? And that fridge! Wow!

I'd like to see a pic of the dog please.

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It is beautiful!! Very warm and all your choices go so well together. I'm sure the doggie loves his special door.

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I keep trying to look away from your counters, but it is an effort. From what I could see when I tore myself away was all very pretty ;)
I really like how you integrated around the corner to the tv and your spice rack looks wonderfully organized.
Your view looks nice and warm (it's very cold here).
Darn... I still keep looking at your counters....!

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Wow, the counters are amazing! I also really like how the cabinets wrap around to the family room and the TV. Everything turned out great.

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You made absolutely wonderful choices. I'm not even sure what I best, since everything goes so well together. Enjoy!

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I'm just echoing what everyone else has said - I love the way that the cabinetry wraps around into the family room to house the tv. It has created a really cohesive space. And that Granite! Absolutely gorgeous. I'm assuming that this is your forever home because that is something I would never want to give up.

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Hurray! What a beautiful kitchen!

Thank you for sharing your lovely new space with us. I love all your choices. Great job on the cabinetry and how it wraps around and includes the family room with the kitchen. The dark wood is gorgeous. And you know that I love that quartzite!

Now you'll have to show us what culinary delights are created in this masterpiece;)

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Amazing countertops, gorgeous kitchen, congratulations! Would also like to see the doggie!!

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Just love your stone and that backsplash you were initially concerned about looks fantastic. It just adds such a light brightness to your space. AWESOME!

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I've been following your kitchen and I love how it turned out. Very nice and that stone is special.

Great job!!!!!!!


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You did an amazing job. Everything is so well thought out. (I am stealing the spice rack idea). The cabinets and countertops are beautiful. You know I love the CC and hood.

Another request for doggy pics!

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Wow! It looks great. I love how you wrapped the cabinetry around into the family room. It makes for such a cohesive look. You made wonderful choices. It looks amazing. Enjoy!

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What a beautiful kitchen!! I also love the counters and how the cabinets wrap around into the living room, that looks really amazing!

Can you tell me the dimensions of your island? I'd like to possibly have one to hide our trash like yours but I'm not sure if it'll work yet or not.

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Great kitchen! Kudos!
One question:
It looks like all of the drawers and doors are inset except for the warming drawer face which sticks out. Did you consider a Dacor warming drawer which could have been flush like the rest? If so, why did you choose the Miele drawer over the Dacor?

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Beatuful kitchen, love the stone. Congrats! Nice job!

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Congratulations! That counter is AMAZING and so unique. DH peeked over my shoulder and gives you two thumbs up as well. :-)

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Lovely kitchen. I love all of it. Since I am mulling over backsplash choices, I especially admire your "custom" one. It brightens up the kitchen and ties into the counter wonderfully.

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drool... drool... drool...

absolutely delicious!

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Very kind words everyone, thank you. This forum really is a great place.

craftlady07: from memory, the island width (outer dimensions of the cabinetry) is about 19" give or take. It is about 4-1/2' long. It is just wide enough to accept the trash pullout on the end, although that limits the rest of the island to just one drawer, and double doors below. The drawer is a bit shallower than a standard drawer but works perfectly for tableware. The counter top width is a bit over 23'' wide. It is pretty small, but for DW and I (no kids) it will be adequate. It will serve as a landing place across from the frige, for a small buffet helper and a small extra work space. I don't think it is large enough to do any serious work.

ricew0 - I liked the Meile warming drawer because it doesn't have sides when opened. Because I placed it a little higher (equivalent to just under counter height) I wanted the ability of grabbing items from the sides and to be able to move laterally. I didn't want to have to pick things straight up at that height. I don't think the Dacor had that feature. Now in reality it probably didn't make a hill of beans difference. I think the cabinet maker was concerned about something with an inset WD, but I don't recall what the concern was. The cabinet that has the speed oven and WD is one inch deeper than the adjacent cabinet, so it was already going to look a bit different. Frankly at that time I was decision weary and just went with it.

I guess I better find a suitable doggy picture and post soon (if you can't wait, search for the How Are You thread - I think I posted a picture there).


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beautiful! I love your quartzite! Nice job wrapping the cabinetry around the entertainment wall.

Can we see more closeups? Puhleeeese?

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I have been eagerly awaiting your finished kitchen pictures. Your quartzite is just spectacular, and I am so glad to see the rest of your choices finally. I am partial to hickory floors, and yours are no exception - beautiful! Love the whole thing!!

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odiegirl - A comment on the spice rack. I wished my upper was about an inch or so deeper. (I'm not at home, I can't measure what I actually have right now.) The shallow shelves needed to provide room for the rack are really shallow for me because I have inset doors. I have just enough room for my trusty old Tupperware squares and rectangles, but the door just touches them when closed. If you incorporate a spice rack, you might think about choosing a deepr cab even if you have overlays.


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You just have to love a kitchen that was modeled around a dog dog!

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Very nice!

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Holy Smokes Jon! Your kitchen turned out fabulous!!
I love everything about it. Your beautiful flooring and cabinets are the perfect backdrop for that drop-dead gorgeous granite. Just YUMMY. Would love to see more close-ups of your back-splash to. Great job! It's such a good feeling when you finally have a working kitchen again. Enjoy your wonderful new space.

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craftlady07 - I verified island dimensions. The outer width of the cabinet case is 21-3/4''. The width of the footing (due to toe kick all around) is 15-3/4''. I'm not concerned about it falling over, but if I give it a friendly whack with the side of my fist, it moves a bit. The width of the inset door used for the trash bin pullout is 15-3/4'', and by the looks of it, it could not be much narrower. Hope that helps.

allwaysfixin - sorry, forgot to answer your question. The hood is rated to move 1200 cfm. That's a lot for a 36'' hood. On full tilt the baffle filters lift up - I'll need to weight them down (someone else on the appliance forum did that) or avoid using the high setting. I should only need high if I've got something foul going on. By the way, the dog door serves as my make up air system!

mikomum - my camera isn't very good in low light, so I'll need to wait for the w/e to take a couple more snaps of some details. (Hmmm, it will be rainy this weekend, maybe that won't work). If you didn't see these closeups from another thread, here ya go.

And, based on several requests, here is D'artagnan...

Here is a picture from his Valentine's Day card to DW (the one who saved him from the shelter 10 years ago)

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I absolutely love the counters, the kitchen and the dog. Good going on all of it. Really spectacular.

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WOW - Love the counters! and the cabinets and the hardware! Beautiful. congrats

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OMG, I'm drooling on my keyboard! Your quartzite is amazing and the way your BS ties in with it is perfection! Your cabs & floor are so rich & warm, and your CC & hood--I'm drooling sweet cocker spaniel we had quite a few years ago.

If you don't mind, would you please get your tape measure out and tell me what your aisle widths are around your island? My kitchen is somewhat similar to yours (might be a little narrower) and my island drives me nuts! It's too close to the stove (same config as yours) but mine is closer. It's also too close to the frig. I'm trying to figure out if I pull it out further and place it differently (maybe make it a bit narrower like yours), will I like it better. I really want to keep it because I don't want to lose the storage or counter space. Thanks so much!

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Wow! Stunning counters and cabinets. Want your dog too!! Everything looks great. Very nicely done.

Happy holidays.

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flwrs n co...Excuse the length of my answer, I wanted to make sure you get what you needed. The width of my kitchen is 148''. The refer cabinet run takes up 25'' (on the advice of our cab maker, we went with an extra inch depth there). The sink cabinet run is 24'' + 1-1/2'' counter top overhang. So, not counting the little bit of protrusion caused by refer handle and pantry pulls, that left me with 97.5'' for the island and isle widths. I wanted no less than 36'' isles, so that left 25.5'' for the width of the island counter top. Assuming each side of the island would have 1-1/2'' counter top overhang, that left 22.5'' width for the island cabinet itself. As built, the width of the cabinet case is 21-3/4'', and the overhang on the island turned out to be a little less than 1-1/2'' so I have about 37'' isle widths. Keep in mind that this narrow island cabinet has an even narrower footing due to the toe kick - which is 15-3/4''. I'm not concerned about it falling over, but if I give it a friendly whack with the side of my fist, it moves a bit. The length of the island cabinet is 54''. Given the two 37'' isle ways, I wanted to make sure I had enough room in the work area (triangle between sink, range and refer), so the distance between the end of the island counter top and the the part of the range that sticks out the most is about 52'' (more like 57'' to the counter top edge of the range cabinet run). The line drawn from the center of my sink to the center of my refer just touches the end of the island. One more point, knowing the right half of the refer would be opposite the island, I bought a french door refer to shorten the door swing. I have not done much cooking yet, but this arrangement seems to be VERY comfortable so far. Having an island opposite the refer and pantry is very nice. No kids, just DW, me and the pup and usually it is either DW and the pup, or me and the pup in the kitchen at one time (he patiently waits for tasty stuff to drop on the floor). Hope that helps.


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Forgive me this quick follow-up. While we all seem to enjoy the maddening journey of our kitchen remodels, the real goal is to finish the damn thing so we can cook and eat. Right? So, here are my true finished kitchen pictures.

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Wow! Now I am drooling over your wokking capability. What an awesome stove top you have! I am completely jealous! Seriously, I am glad to see that you are using that awesome new kitchen. It's good to be able to flex your culinary muscle once again.

And I love the poochie pictures!

Bon Apetite!

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Hi itsnot...

Those photos of your dog almost make me want to go down to the shelter...precious! (My pets always seem to "find" me, so I appreciate people like your wife who save those animals in need..bless her!)

Now, about your kitchen..It just says "Classic" to me. That granite is spectacular...Many happy meals to you and yours!


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Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for letting us see it all, the dog, the dog door, the wok, the counters ... what a marvelous project. It is stunning.

I have a question about your CC wok ring: do you think it necessary or would just a standard wok ring that comes with the wok work well enough on top of the griddle grates? Also, for some reason I was under the impression that a CC wok ring swapped out two burners, but obviously that's wrong -- it looks from your pictures as if it's just a simple substitution of one burner's grate -- is that correct?

Thank you, Jon, for the wonderful documentation! Very, very delicious, all of it (hopefully).

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aliris19 - the picture shows the wok grate in use. It is made from cast iron and can be interchanged with any one of the standard grates. Store the wok grate when not in use, pull it out and swap it with a regular grate when you wok cook. When you are done (and after the wok grate has cooled), store the wok grate away and replace the normal grate. I was charged $150 for the CC dedicated wok grate, I assume that is the normal price. That's quite a bit more than the standard wok ring, but worth it IMHO. When in place, it won't budge. A wok rink sitting on top of a standard grate might not be very stable, and it would probably place the wok too far above the flame to be effective (after all, what's the point of an open burner configuration if you are not taking full advantage?). Depending on how tall you are, I wonder if a ring on top of a grate would place the wok at an uncomfortable height.

If you have not seen the wok cooking video that Trevor Lawson made on his Eurostoves website, you should take a look.

A funny thing though, I'm thinking of finding a cheap wok ring to serve as a handy stand when I want to set a hot or dirty wok somewhere other than on top of the range.

Thanks again to everyone for your kind words. It has been very comforting reaching the end of a project such as this knowing it was done right. I only have a few minor things I wished I did different (documented in the 'what do you regret' thread). That would not have happened without this forum.


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If you wake up one morning and find your quartize missing, don't look at me! (None of that gorgeous rock left?? What a shame!)

Fabulous kitchen! And what a sweet Valentine's Day card from you and D'artagnan. I was going to say enjoy it, but I can tell by the stir-fry photos that you already are.

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Wow, I thought you were just the Culinarian dude from the Appliances thread, but I see you have the whole kitchen package here, and it is beautiful! It's very well thought out and you did a nice job in bringing it to life.

Thanks for all the photos.


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