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tgillitzerDecember 27, 2013

I would like some feedback on my kitchen design.

Some info:

The doors on the "top" lead to the deck. I do lots of grilling. They are 5' doors, the right side is 5' from the top right corner of the room.

The blue line is what used to be a partial wall that we have already removed to open the room up to the living room.

The opening on the bottom is 30" and is 3' from the bottom right corner. It leads to the "dining room". We do not currently use this as the dining room and more as an extension of the kitchen for additional storage. The wall that this opening is in is a load bearing wall. I would love to remove it but don't want to spend that kind of money.

The window on the wall on the right is 36" and is 6' from the bottom right corner.

The island as configured is 5'6" x 5'. There is 3' from the top wall and 3' from the cabinets on the bottom wall. There is 4'3" from the sink.

On the bottom wall, the first cabinet is a wall oven/microwave cabinet. Then a bit of counter top, and then a pantry cabinet.

Thanks in advance!

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If that is your cooktop on the very corner of the island, I would advise revising your plan. That just doesn't look safe or ergonomic.

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II'm no expert, but I think 3' aisle b/w oven wall and island would be too tight. Maybe you should consider a range instead of a wall oven, and have MW on a shelf or in the island. If you just use the exterior wall and have the island 6,5-7' long it can be better imo. Also, for fridge doors to open more than 90 degrees consider a 9 or 12 tall pullout b/w the wall and the fridge.

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Sophie Wheeler

Post something with some actual measurements and widths of key items. This is almost unreadable.

But, the HUGE HUGE red flag is that completely unsafe poorly located island cooktop. It violates about 5 different codes and guidelines.

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Sorry about the image, the app doesn't let you add measurements or anything. Downside of using an iPad I guess. I've added them manually to the design attached to this post.

I wasn't really thinking on the cooktop being on the edge. Obviously not good. Thanks for the input on that. I was trying to get as much continuous counter space as I could, but obviously that doesn't work.

Since I don't have a lot of flexibility on the width of the island, I decided to see what it looks like if I rotate the cooktop/island. It won't "look" out into that room, but would look out the back doors. This way I could make a wider, narrower island, which opens the walkways up as well. I added a prep sink to help since now the stove is at a weird angle to the sink by the window.

Please see the attached.

Same structural measurements as above:
The doors on the "top" are 5' doors, the right side is 5' from the top right corner of the room.

The opening on the bottom is 30" and is 3' from the bottom right corner.

The window on the wall on the right is 36" and is 6' from the bottom right corner.

Thanks for the input!

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Is there a reason you are absolutely set on an island cooktop? The island could be so useful as a prep/serving/seating space, which is all disrupted by a stove. Prep and enjoy the view, while moving the cooktop to somewhere safer and with better ventilation options.

Is your window movable?

Do you have a family? -Anyone who will be tromping past the cook at the stove to access the fridge?

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rhome410: We currently do most of our prep next to the stove, currently on an 18" counter.

I'm not set on an island cooktop, but my feeling is that either the sink or the cooktop would go in the island as I cant seem to make all three major appliances work well when all three are on the perimeter. The wall on the right is the only outside wall, and the window gets in the way of putting the stove on it. That would be the only easy venting situation. For the island, I was just going to do a downdraft, which I understand don't work well, but we rarely turn our vent on anyway.

I suppose the window is movable. We have actually discussed just closing it off, but that is undesirable for obvious reasons. The view isn't much (It looks into our neighbors back/side yard and the side of their house), but obviously the natural light is good. Where would you propose moving it too?

Family... Yeah, hadn't really thought of that. Guess they could go around the island, but that probably isn't likely to happen.

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How about something like this, assuming you moved the window? If you can recess the fridge that could also help I think.

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