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leftwoodDecember 13, 2012

We came from here:

As a member of GW since the days of Spike, even then the Terms of Use implied shared rights to our postings for the GW owner.

When ivillage took over and changed the Terms of Use wording, it was made abundantly clear that ANYTHING we post on GW is theirs to do with as they please, including profiting from third party selling and "sharing". There was a huge outflux of members. Not me, I just stopped posting photos.

Given ivillage's reputation, I am surprised it took this long to try facebook sharing. I am pleasantly surprised that the share bar has been removed, but when it does come back for good, I'm out for good.

HATE it!

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I think most people will stop posting pictures, which will be a sad day as one of the great things is the excitement of sharing the joy of a finished kitchen. Living vicariously. I do hope that experienced people stay around because the information is invaluable and not easily found elsewhere. There are a number of times I've read kitchen information on different websites and blogs that was attributed to GW.

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At some point the GW forums will change, it is inevitable as technologies and their uses constantly change. Some will dislike it and leave but there will be plenty of new people to fill in and the forum will continue to be a useful site for home and garden questions/ discussions. I do not think that people will stop posting pics but maybe some will start being a bit more careful. How many times have you clicked on a photo to be led to a photobucket account that shows the person's full name, private albums, and family photos? This forum is a free service, owned by a media company, and is as open to the world as it can get. People should be cautious about what is posted no matter if there is a media bar or not and be realistic that updates will happen.

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Totally agree, athomeinva. I'm actually surprised it's taken so long for these changes to be suggested.


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