Advice on kitchen layout please!

MrsBradDecember 14, 2013

I have stalked this forum for a few years now and have asked for help from time to time. So many of you have been a great help! So hopefully you can help me out with the layout I am working on for my current kitchen. Hopefully it all makes sense. The couple of changes I am thinking of right now are swapping the trash pull out and the prep sink. I am also wondering if I should make the island a little wider than 42'. The wall above the sink is all windows, and the fridge will be counter depth. Thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful: 3d drawings of kitchen

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Your idea of swapping the prep sink with trash is a good one. Someone on here once said they wish they hadn't put their prep sink right on the end of their island...that it would have been nice to have some landing/work space on either side of it.

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It looks likes a great space with lots of area to work with. You are very luck. For me -- I would wonder about the trash pull out right next to the prep sink. The way you have the sink positioned, you will either be standing right in front of the trash or well away from it depending on where you plan to stand. Also, as someone with experience with a desk in the kitchen -- I would find the "command center" cubicles and electrical outlets valuable, but I wouldn't again have a traditional desk. You have a table to sit at within arm's reach. I would put more storage or something useful like pantry items or a pet feeding (or pet crate) station under the desk area rather than a place for a traditional chair or stool.

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the 42" island top will give 15-18" leg room which is more than adequate with counter height barstools even for >6' tall man. Please consider ahead of time how you will support the overhang, as this issue can become very expensive. I ended up putting 15" wide drawer bases on the ends of my island to avoid the need for custom supports. The cost of the extra cabinets was LESS than the cost of the custom supports.

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Put the DW on the other side of the sink. Where it is now you are crossing cooking area with clean-up.

Can you or would you want to exchange the fridge and the microwave areas. Right now with the fridge where it is, you will be constantly walking around the corner of the island, if it is where the microwave area is, it will be a straight line from the prep area and the cooktop to the fridge.

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deedles: Do you think by switching the sink and trash pullout that will leave me enough prep space across from the cooktop?

Nightowlrn: I like your idea of the command center. I am going to look at some design ideas for that.

detroit: Thanks for the advice on the overhang. Fortunately my designer is on top of things and we have already discussed this. Do you like having the extra cabinets? This is something I considered.

blfenton: I did not think about the dishwasher being on the other side of the sink. You are right, that makes more sense. As far as the fridge, my concern is that it will make the kitchen look off balanced by moving the fridge over. And I'm not sure breaking up the countertop space will make it as usable. I will have to think about this.

Thank you for all the help so far. I'm hoping more people will chime in. I was considering putting shallow cabinets on the seating side of the island and making it a bit wider. Any more advice?

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Let me start by saying...I love lots of windows over the sink. However, in your plan, the island seems to be a barrier between the fridge and range.

Would you consider something like this? Just an idea :)

From Kitchen plans

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I also think moving the range to the exterior wall as lavender suggested will be a good idea. Maybe you can still keep the main sink on the same wall with only the DW b/w the range and the sink and trash after the corner.

As to the width and length of the island, please take a look at this.

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Kathy Rivera

I'd have to agree that the fridge is too far from the stove (and in turn, the micro, as it should be close to the fridge). Imagine you're prepping away at the end of the island and, oops, I need the asparagus. Or making mashed potatoes and after dumping the water in the prep sink, now you have to walk all the way over to the fridge for the butter and milk. Or saute-ing away and you realize you wanted to toss some frozen veggies in the micro - now you have to schlep over to do that...

What do you plan to use the ovens for the most? Are you a baker? If so, perhaps you could swap the ovens and fridge? You could set up a little 'baking zone' in that area. Then put the micro in the island on the end, move the prep sink down a little b/c of that, and then the trash pullout? Or with such ample space you could have a small trash can by the prep sink and another small one on the side of the cleanup sink opposite the DW - though not sure that's really necessary.

Also, your pantry seems a long way away. I think you need to switch the end of the wall it's on - put it next to the mudroom door.

I also really like LL's options/direction she's going with the above design.

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You are getting a lot of great suggestions; I'll simply add, since you have the space, make the aisle between the wall and island 48" deep. No matter what layout go with (from the above), you will be having a lot of traffic up and down the aisle. Even in a one cook household, people have a tendency to get underfoot.

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Another option (though not always as popular on GW) is to keep those lovely windows and move the cooktop to the island. Something like this...

From [Kitchen plans](

Similar to Laura Calder's kitchen (my personal favorite) but it depends on how much prep space you want by the cooktop. This would put the cooktop closer to the fridge and still leave you a baking area by the wall ovens... From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Here's a link if you want to see her kitchen 'in action' :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Laura Calder kitchen

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