zeitgastDecember 10, 2012

Hi all

We are embarking on a major remodelling project and just met with our GC. One of the challenges we are having is moving some smelly oil tanks to a new location in th new addition. The GC said that the tanks might not be the reason for the odor but rather the burner itself.

He recommended changing to propane with a buried tank. We thought about adding a propane tank for the kitchen initially until we learned about induction cooktops. He claims that we can save on energy costs and power our stove and grill at the same time.

There is an added cost to doing this on the order of $5k and we are already tight on the budget. Would be interested in thoughts on 1) energy savings confirmation and 2) odor elimination. Really liked that induction cooktop too but alas we are going to need to make tradeoffs. Thanks in advance!!

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Not sure I grasp the tank issues, but I would danged sure not pass up a chance to move to induction over gas. Having used both quite a lot, there is no comparison for me, but YMMV. There is a long and fascinating thread on this topic over at Appliance board. Will try to post it below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Induction v. Gas

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Annie Deighnaugh

We had to move the oil tank from in ground to in house at the old house and neither the oil burner nor the tank smelled. There is clearly something wrong if it's smelling.

You would have to look at both propane and oil in your area to get a true cost comparison to see which would be more efficient for you to use.

We chose to not do either in the new house but went with geothermal which has proved to be very cost effective. And we love waving at the oil trucks as they drive by our house!

I too would vote for the induction cooktop regardless of the fuel issue....it is superior to either gas or electric, IMHO.

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I would contact a reputable furnace repair place (your oil delivery should have recs) and talk through the issues with the smell. How old is your furnace? Is this project creep justified?

You will need to get your local rates for all of your energy sources you are considering. Also, your savings depend on your weather patterns, which might be quite different than mine.

I like my gas stove, and I like it that I can light a burner with a match when the power's out. I have heard induction is pretty cool. If I were significantly over budget, though, I would not feel good about buying the induction.

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