Identify this quartzite or granite? Macauba?

halfwaythereDecember 12, 2012

Hi everyone. Kitchen is installed and I'm down to countertop choice. I've been lurking here for a while, really drooling over the quartzite here on GW. I think I've found a beauty, but the stoneyard is insisting it's a granite slab called White Macauba. I've seen pics of installed White Macauba here on GW and it clearly is not. My google searches lead me to believe its is a quartzite called Gold Macauba or Giallo Macauba. He insists it's not quartzite. What do you guys think? I don't care one way or the other. I just love the stone. I do think it might matter when it comes to sealing. From what I've read here some quartzite etches over time and I would need some recommendations on sealers and how often it should be applied. I love love the flow of quartzite but have been unable to find a suitaable color as my cabinets are warm tones. I think this one fits the bill.

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for island

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for perimeter

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No idea if it's quartzite or granite, but I love the interest added in the stone where it fractured and sheared to a new position. Really fun!

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That is gorgeous.

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Can't wait to see that island...I don't know the answer to your question either, but think the movement is great in your slabs. Hope somebody can provide some insight.

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I don't think I have seen that stone before - it's beautiful.
I have quartzite (Taj Mahal) and it has never been sealed. I am no expert with granites but my understanding is if the stone does not absorb oils or water it does not need a sealer. I have left lemon juice, oil, wine and mustard overnight on it without a trace of stain or etching. Look up the recent thread on the lowdown of super white. Karin mt has excellent advice on testing the hardiness of a stone.

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Thanks everyone. I'm in love with it. I'll be sure to post pics after install. camphappy, I followed your suggestion and there is an incredible thread by a geologist here on GW that really gets into detail about the different types of stone Have you read it? I'm going to pick her brain and perform her suggested bottle test. Thanks for the tip! Here is the link....

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It's def. macuba it has the same veining as my macuba. However it does have more caramel tones in it.There are different types of macubu's though. I think you will be happy with this quartzite, it doesn't stain or etch,Good luck. I posted a pic of mine to show you they have the same veining.

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Yup, you are on the right track with doing the glass scratch test. I'm glad you found the thread about quartzite. Let us know what you find out because the more info we can share here, the easier it will be for others who are shopping and researching.

I was mesmerized by the veining in your slabs and the fractured areas. They look like like the diagrams used to teach geology students about movement along faults in the rock. In your case those are called "normal faults" meaning the rock was compressed to the point where the rock broke. That was many moons ago so you needn't worry about that making your rock weaker. It just makes it more interesting.

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absolutely drool worthy gorgeous

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Beautiful. We don't carry this name so I am not definitely sure so I won't say what I *think* it is, because it's not definite. I recommend to acquire a sample of the stone and live with it at home & test out it's durability yourself. As well as initiate a stain test -- seal the sample, then try to stain it with red wine. It's important to be sure if this stone is appropriate for a kitchen countertop application. Best of luck!

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