Are all 16 gauge sinks the same?

ar3045December 24, 2013

Hello all,
I came across this sink on recently.
Looks like it is a recent addition to the website. Never heard of the brand though. That said, donno if the brand names matter at all.

It is 16 gauge. Dont know what else to look for in a sink.
Cannot find reviews anywhere.

Your thoughts please.

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Sophie Wheeler

Of course they're not the same. There are different alloys of stainless, different countries of production, and different levels of actual warranty response. A lot of the Chinese manufactured sinks shifted production to Turkey in response to the anti dumping legislation. That's what happened to Ticor. There are plenty of companies that are only temporary, produce the lowest quality that ends up rusting, and go out of business in a few years. There really isn't much of a way to tell a good company from a bad one when it's not a well known name like American Standard or Kohler, etc.

A lot of people don't care about if a sink rusts in a few years though because they end up moving in a couple of years and it's the next homeowner's problem to try to replace an undermount sink.

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I an a fabricator (and an engineer).

A reputable sink manufacturer uses stainless steel thats meets an engineering standard (ASTM - American society for Testing and Materials).

If the sink in question doesn't meet the ASTM 304 standard I would reject it as an option.

Even with the same specification for the stainless steel there is considerable room for price variation. I have a sink display with a pair of 16 gauge two bowl sinks side by side. One is $375 and the other is $800. Only about 1 customer in 10 can immediately spot the difference. The more expensive sink has a much finer surface polish and is clearly nicer once I point out the difference to the customer. Most opt for the less expensive sink.

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You should only buy from a reputable manufacturer with good customer feedback. Otherwise, the Lifetime Warranty doesn't mean anything if the company goes out of business in 3 years. Hahn looks like a new company and there is not a single review for their sinks on Costco or anywhere else. Their website does not even have a 1-800 number for customer service, or their physical address. Are they even based in US? I would be wary of that. My kitchen sink is a 16 gauge one from Ruvati. I bought it from and they have lots of reviews for all their sinks. Ruvati has the same size and type of sink that you are looking at for $473 at .

Even though its $73 more, you are getting some extras including the bottom rinse grid. The rinse grid is very handy and important if you want to keep your sink looking like new. It protects your sink from scratches. I have had my sink for more than a year and it still looks like new. Kraus is another brand with good quality sinks. My recommendation would be to go with one of these brands. You could also get Kohler or Elkay but in my opinion they are not any better quality; you are just paying double for their brand image.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ruvati Sink

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Thank you for the feedback. I had not found any other sink with those dimensions. That was the biggest draw for me.

As dennisforman pointed out, there are other sinks in that size.
I just ordered the Kraus 36 inch farmhouse sink from Amazon. It is currently 449$, but they have a promotion going on that gives me a 50$ Amazon gift card with the purchase. So, I got the same price practically.

More importantly, the reviews seem to be great on the Kraus sink. So, I am hoping I will be happy with the decision.

Thanks guys. I would not dream a remodel without garden web.

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Hi ar3045,

I think you'll be very happy with the Kraus 16g SS sink from Amazon.

My Mother bought the Kraus 23 inch KBU12 undermount 1 year ago from Amazon and she is very happy with it's performance and look. She got it just before the prices went up and bought it, incl the bottom rack, for $169...what a deal!

We are wrapping up a total kitchen remodel as well. We bought the Kraus KBU14 31 inch 16g Stainless Steel undermount from Amazon for $369. It was installed October 14th and so far I love it! I absolutely love the rack that comes with it, it has saved the sink from accidental dish mishaps and the like. I rinse it down every night and wipe down the sides to the rack. Once a week I take everything out and wash the sink with dish soap making sure I stay with the grain of the sink. I then polish it with some Stainless Steel magic. It stays nice an shiny. I also scrub the rack with an old toothbrush and dish soap to keep it clean once a week too. If the rack is real grungy, I take it to the utility sink in my basement and scrub it with some Soft Scrub with bleach and rinse.

I shopped around a lot and read the reviews and they were all positive for the Kraus. Amazon had a great price and I believe that the Kraus was better choice quality wise and had more extra features, (the rack), than what our quartz fabricator's supplied sink had.

Both my Mom's sink and mine came VERY well packed in some super strong cardboard, styrofoam molded packing, and the sink was wrapped in a black canvas like bag. We were both impressed by the way the company protected its product for shipping!

Our experience with Kraus has been all positive! I think you'll be happy with your decision. :)

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We just installed a Kraus 30" zero radius sink, and I have to reiterate what the previous poster said about the packaging - it's amazing packaging actually (enough that i noticed!). We haven't had the sink long enough to comment on its performance, but it looks great, and it's very quiet even when the full-spray is on from the pull-down faucet.

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Thanks NWRainGal and sjhockeyfan,
My sink will be delivered tomorrow. Will not be installed for a few weeks at least. Good to hear you happy with Kraus. I would hate to regret my sink choice.

It does seem like a lot of work to clean the grids. Are they not dishwasher safe. I would imagine you can throw it in the DW.

Although mine will be too big for the dishwasher I think (36 inch single bowl sink).

btw, sjhockeyfan, I am trying really hard to get sharks tickets this season. I told my kids, I would take them to the game and they told their friends. Now, we are trying to buy 12 tickets and they go fast!!!

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I just got a Hahn sink from Sam's. $249... just the sink, no parts... because I have a 33 in. cabinet and the size says 31 1/4. Well, it's 31 3/4 like it says on the Hahn website. The same 60/40 sink is on many websites for sale at that same length. Also, it is 18 gauge, and has a much more brushed finish than the Sturdier more expensive Blanco lustrous looking sink that I have gotten in the past. I was willing to go cheaper in this house to keep costs down, but the Hahn seems flimsy and light. But it does have a decent brushed finish if you like not keeping up with scratches, and does have the sound deading stuff on the bottom. I wonder if wieght of sink is a good predictor of substance in a sink?
Couldn't find good info if the Hahn was a 300 series type stainless.

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We just moved in to our new house this past week. So far I am loving the sinks. Very solid 16 gauge sinks. Cost was not much higher than the Hahn sinks I saw originally. Cannot find anything wrong with the sinks. I have two (33 inch farm house sink and a 20 inch prep sink).

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I am also considering the purchase of a single basin Hahn from Costco. Deciding between that and a C-TECH-I, LI2900R. The main difference between the two is the location of the drain. Centered in the c-tech, offset to the back in the Hahn. Pros/cons of the drain locations?

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I don't know anything about the Hahn, but C-Tech makes some of the finest sinks I've ever seen.

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Love my Kraus 33" 60/40 nearly 0" radius, but so deep!!! If I had seen it in person, I don't know if I would have bought it. Also got it from Amazon in a couple of days (in Canada!!). I have never had a deep sink before, so it takes some getting used to. Easy to hide things in it! Difficult to install the faucet.

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Bita Kerendian_Partiyeli

Talking about a warrantee, I got the farmhouse Franke from quality bath. The sink was bent when we opened the box. There was no sign of damage on the box whatsoever leading me to believe I was scammed into buying a second. I followed all their protocol and they refuse to replace it. The best they can offer is $150 discount on a $1600 sink (retail $3000). I rather have that returned and buy the sink from Costco as Costco has never failed me.

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