kitchen cabinets and humidity

salregDecember 12, 2012

anyone have any information regarding kitchen cabinets built in south florida vs colder climates. i was told by a cabinet maker that the ones built in florida do not last as long because of the humidity.

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Considering that most places in South Florida have air conditioning, I seriously doubt that would be a major issue. As a matter of fact, I had more trouble with humidity in Central PA than I ever had in SO FL. I have never had kitchen cabinets made down here, but I did have a whole nursery of furniture made years ago that has survived 2 kids, 7 dogs and 27 years of SO FL humidity. The last furniture piece was passed down a couple of years ago and looks as beautiful as the day it was delivered.

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I don't think durability is really a problem but inset cabinets can be problematic in high humidity.

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I've lived in S FL/Central FL right on the beach for many years. I've always had the old cruddy builder particleboard cabinets wherever I've lived. They have always been absolutely no more awful than they would have been the day they were put in.

Currently I have particleboard site-build cabs from 1979. They are hideous, mostly terrible for storage, and badly laid out, but they are in fine structural shape except where, when this was a rental, tenants spilled things in them. I'm replacing them from choice, not necessity.

I never use AC, incidentally. I would run like heck from any cabinet maker who said that to me.

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Thank you all.. i never heard of this problem either. but it apparently has to do with when they glue the cabinets together and if they do it in a climate controlled room.. Thank you again.

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