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rbattaglia24December 29, 2013

I am in the process of building a new house and am starting to get some cold feet about the kitchen counters. We have finalized the cabinets - perimeter is painted white and the island is a very dark stained wood. We have also darker wood floors (lighter than the island though).

We've always wanted the counters to alternate (black & white) similar to the inspiration pictures below. We've chosen HanStone quartz counters with the perimeter being Obsidian Black and the island being Specchio White

I'm starting to debate the stark white counter for the island. I feel the Specchio white is going to be too "white" and perhaps we should have some movement.

Thoughts/Suggestions for counters?

Backsplash is Dorian Gray and paint is SW Dovetail.

Traditional Kitchen by Boston Kitchen & Bath Designers Venegas and Company

Contemporary Kitchen by Burnsville Design-Build Firms Highmark Builders

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Will look beautiful. I like the contrasting contrasts!

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I think the combo will look nice, but personally I would want something jazzier on the island. Maybe visit some stone yards and see if anything grabs you...

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Have you looked at the white of the cabinets with the white that is with the Specchio White? Do they match up well?

Many people find that their white cabinets have a creamy white color, while your specchio white appears to have a blueish undertone.

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Most of the quartz counters aren't as jazzy, so would it be appropriate to mix quartz for the perimeter and granite for the island?

Andreak- I have not compared the whites, but that is also a good idea.

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rb-we may end up doing that very thing (alternating colors and mixing materials) but my thought was to go with a more tight or homogeneous perimeter like the black you posted and then something with a bit more pizzaz/movement/interest on the island. But like joaniepoanie I think that is personal preference.

I also think that it possibly depends on your kitchen layout and where things are in the room and what you see most of when you are looking at the kitchen. For example with ours the outside wall has windows flanking the range, so when you look that way you will see island first and then likely the windows/range hood/backsplash so I don't want anything too busy on the perimeter making your eye go there.

We also may just be mixing a quartz (or even laminate depending on budget) perimeter with a granite island. I think mlweaving might be doing quartz and granite as well. I know she has already chosen her tops so maybe she'll chime in.

I think it would be pretty easy to find something to compliment the black you chose and I think certainly the specchio works if it works with your white. Have you visited any stone yards with your white cabinet sample?

I like the bluish undertone in your choice though - I am partial to grays and blues as well.

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I think you can mix a busier granite with your quartz because the quartz is pretty plain and certainly reads plain from a distance. Good point Andrea made about the Specchio matching your cabinets...if they don't it will look off and possibly dingy compared to the cabs.

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I love stark white and black together so I think the counter combination will work great. My one concern is whether the white of your cabinets works with this particular white countertop. They aren't going to be touching each other, but you'll want to make certain they look good together (though they don't have to match perfectly) if you haven't already.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback so far. I think we may be too late. Sounds like the counters have already been ordered and I know the cabs are already done at the Millwork place (not installed yet). Now I need to cross my fingers. Our cabinets are pretty white (definitely not creamy white) and the island counter does not touch the white cabs, so I hope we are ok.

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What is the style of your new house? If it is a contemporary I would keep the counters all quartz. We are pleased with the speckled white Ceasarstone we put in 2 years ago and now granite looks really dated to me. Like that the scale of the patterns in your two quartz options are similar.


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Yes, the house will definitely be contemporary. A lot of grays, clean lines, and contrast with white trim and doors, etc...

Now I will have accessorize with color :)

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