How does your counter meet the farmhouse sink?

lalitharDecember 4, 2012

I am tying to clarify what I want from the templating for my soapstone counters. I have a 30" farmhouse sink by Rohl that will be under mounted. I am not sure how the counter end near the front edge where the sink kind of curves. Can you show me pictures of how this should end? I plan to do a negative reveal so that I can use a cutting board on top of the sink.


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i liked how dusty did it... maybe she will explain. i found it

Thanks everyone :-) Donaleen, for the sink reveal, I just stood there with the fabricator and moved the paper template around and fingers and basically eye-balled it! I was worried too much junk would collect in the reveal part, and wondered if I should have the soapstone just come all the way so the sink just went straight down, but I chose looks over function and just went for the curvature. To be honest, I haven't had any problems cleaning where the sink curvs, and it functions beautifully :-) So far Barkeepers friend does a great job cleaning the sink, including the reveal. I also love the side drain, and the Kohler sink grates that go in the sink. I like that the junk goes underneath the grates, so when I put a colander down to drain I know my cooking prep leftovers won't get into the colander!

Here is a link that might be useful: reveals

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Poohpup/ Donaleen --> thanks for the pics! But I think I got it wrong. Duh! I of course meant negative reveal as I want to have the rim of the fireclay sink exposed so that I can rest a cutting board or a colander on it.

I see some very nice closeups of positive reveal with the shaw sink online and in this old GW post on Pictures of properly installed farm sinks. Surely there must be similar closeups for negative installs. I am finding that pictures really help me cut to the chase with the cabinet guys.


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I'm confused. Most of the pictures posted show a positive reveal. A positive reveal is one where the rim of the sink is exposed. A negative reveal is one where the counter overhangs the edge of the sink so it is completely hidden. If you want the rim exposed so you can set a cutting board on the edge of the sink, you want a positive reveal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink Reveals

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Hi Lalitha,
(And thanks, Donaleen!) I was not super-familiar with the terminology during construction...but I guess you would call mine a slight positive reveal, done by eye-balling what looked best to me (I do this often, and it drives my mathematical hubby crazy when he's trying to measure where to hang pictures and I just think it looks best in a certain spot!) I don't think it matters which reveal you have for a cutting board - all that matters is how big the cutting board is (it needs to be big enough to lay on the counter regardless). Although with a farmhouse sink, I can't imagine doing this because no matter what you still have the front part - so the cutting board would have to be narrow and like 34" long to fit across the sink (back to front would be difficult with an apron sink). As far as getting junk in the sink and around it, I cannot stress how happy I am with my little friend Barkeepers Friend. Anytime I cook I just sprinkle and rub with a sponge afterward, and my sink looks new again (I have friends who don't do it often and the line around the reveal is no longer pretty). It takes maybe a minute but is every bit worth the effort in my opinion. All that said, if you prefer a negative or flush reveal for looks, go for it!

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Poohpup - Thanks for correcting me .. yes I meant a positive reveal. (Note to brain: Can you see the see the rim - Yes=Positive & No=Negative). I want to see if I can actually get enough of the sink rim exposed so that I can securely rest a colander or a cutting board on the rim. Will this look good.. Will the caulk/ Even if clear begin to look cruddy.

Dusty --> thanks for the tip on barkeepers friend. I will note that to make sure I stock up and use often. I meant to actually rest the cutting board on both the rims of the sink, not on the counter. I want see if that is doable on a fireclay farm sink.

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Thanks for explaining reveal to me. I was following this thread and just about to ask someone to explain positive versus negative when there was my answer:)

As for the cutting board- I am not sure how a positive or negative reveal make a difference? Wouldn't it just be the size (width) of the board that mattered so that you could span the width of the sink? Maybe I am confused.

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p.ball2 --> The size matters so that it spans the width but exposed rim matters so that it rests on the rim. As this is a apron sink with no counter in the front, the cutting board should rest on both the sink rims so that it is flat. I should also perhaps clarify that I do not want to rest the cutting board on the left and right soapstone counters. I want to use a 20inch cutting board that rests on the front sink rim and the back sink rim that can be scooted against the left side of the sink. I then can use the cutting board to cut messy things like a squash and push the innards right into the sink.

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I see now... so that would mean a significant positive reveal so that you can set the two ends of your cutting board on the sink edges rather than the soapstone? Do you not want on the soapstone for a reason? Just curious. I will have a 30" farmhouse sink. Have not chosen a reveal yet and the plan is for soapstone counters.

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You know, my Kohler is completely different.
The edge comes over, but it doesn't curve around. The counter is supposed to tuck under that edge -- which I like. Of course, DH screwed it up and I have to retrofit it somehow. Another project.

Anyway, my reveal is such that I have about 1" all the way around the sink bowls. I like that.

I love these sinks.

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