What to put down to protect kitchen floor while having work done

sis2twoDecember 28, 2012

At the beginning of February, we are having our upper cabinets removed and painted as well as other painting done in our kitchen. There will be a lot of in and out traffic while this is being done. Our kitchen floors are heart pine, a really soft floor. I know from previous experience that cardboard does not protect the floor as grit gets underneath and scratches the floor. Does anyone have suggestions that they could share. Thanks so much.

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For the plaster work, our contractor out down cardboard and then paper and finally plastic to protect our floors

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We used ram board. I bought a roll at Home Depot and used regular masking tape to tape the boards together and frog tape to tape it to the floor. Since it's a heavy rolled material it helps to hold it down with weights. It's re-usable so if you want to take it up and put it back down later it will hold up.

It says Online Exclusive on HD's website but I bought it at a local store in the lumber aisle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ram Board

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Sophie Wheeler

Use masonite sheets as the first layer, taped together with some heavy duty gaffer's tape. Second layer should be cardboard, followed by the third layer of rosin paper.

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I used raisin paper, taped down followed by the cardboard frm my ikea cabinets in the areas that were in use continually. We had that combo down for 6 months plus and it seved the purpose well.

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We reno'd the whole house and used ram board on our 1000 sq ft of newly installed oak floor for about six months without issue. In the pic, you can see two different tapes. The white is masking tape, and the brownish is special tape meant to accompany the ram board. DH really liked the tape, and we were both pleased by the lack of any floor damage when we finally took off the ram.

Still, if I had really soft flooring, I'd go with Hollysprings' suggestion. I'm a cautious person.

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We are using MDF taped with duct tape. I took off the board for the holidays so the kitchen would be semi-presentable. No damage to the floors so far and we've had a ton of work done this fall. That reminds me that I need to put the boards down next weekend in time for the final phase of work.

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Red rosin paper base, tempered masonite with joints sealed with Duct tape, not the cheap crap, the $12 a roll good stuff.

Polished side up for ease of cleaning.

Don't have a drapery brush for your vac and worried about the toe kicks?

Vinyl cove base on top of the rosin paper, Duct tape masonite to the cove base.
Virtual hermetic seal.

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The recommended approach for historic home renovation is polyethylene plastic on which is put Homosote, on which is put plywood. This could probably save a floor from a three-story chandelier drop. I used only the plastic and Homosote once my floors were in. To avoid any scratches from grit getting under this configuration, the edges need to be taped all around each piece of Homosote and the assembly attached to the floor at the edges so it won't move with traffic.


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Thank you all for your suggestions. These are some great ideas. I am going to check out that ram board. I will need something with some thickness to it in case anything drops while they're taking the cabinets out.

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Found this at Sam's Club and I am wondering if this could possibly work. Plus I would have it for future projects if need be.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sam's Club floor mats

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