Mismatching Cabinet Wood

wobbly1905December 29, 2012

We are on day 90 of our kitchen remodel. It's about 13"x15", so it's understandable that with such a huge kitchen that progress has been slow.
This is the kitchen with the granite tile fiasco which I have posted about. The contractor finally put a finished panel on the island. Instead of building the island so that there was no exposed particle board, his solution is to stick on 1/4" thick corner trim. Looks bizarre, but we have the granite slab folks coming on Monday and they need the island cabinet to be put together. Our complaint (and we have done nothing but complain, according to the contractor) is that the corner
trim he put on is a terrible match for the rest of island.
What think you?

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Is it even the same species??

Don't feel bad abt day 90 - we're on something like day 170 and the walls aren't even finished yet . . .

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Yes, it's supposed to be clear vertical grain fir.
I'll bet that your project is DIY .

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Nope. Have a contractor doing the work - just been very involved -- all unplanned - the dishwasher leaked - had to demo to dry it out. 4 layers of flooring, excavated driveway/foundation poured additional foundation where there wasn't as much as expected - jacked up house to replace rim joists, reframed all walls, insulation, new
Electrical, plumbing, plaster walls. You get the idea.

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Elraes Miller

You are right. The corner trim looks like pine. I would make him buy the same wood species the side panel is made of. That add on is simple to replace and do right. And no big deal to find the right wood. Actually, I'm not fond of those trims, they always look like after thoughts to me.

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The trim looks like fir. Problem is it is solid wood while panel is veneer.

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