I think I've finally climbed out of the bottom

mudwormDecember 17, 2012

I could be wrong since we haven't actually finished the remodeling, but I do not expect going any lower than living without a stove and a kitchen sink during the rest of the process. Disconnected everything on Thanksgiving, and three weeks later, we finally have a fully plumbed sink and a working cooktop again. Last night, I couldn't stop looking for things to wash in the sink. When I ran out, I wash the items a second time.

Whew, I think we are out of the bottom now. So happy!

Things appear to be coming together finally. I love the cabinets, the floor, the kitchen countertop, the sink, the faucet, the cooktop, the fridge, the MW over, and the oven. Just about everything. I feel lucky.

I know we still have long ways to go: molding, cabinet doors, rangehood installation, furnishing (emptied living room, office, and dining room), decorating etc. and not to mention the backsplash! I can't wait for it to be all done so I can also make a reveal on the forum.

Thought I should pause to thank the community for your support. I look forward to sharing what I've learned throughout the process with you. The day will come.

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That is so exciting. My granite is being installed tomorrow. Hoping for sink by Thursday. I have been without a kitchen sick for almost 2 months.

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Yeah!!! and a second yeah!! for ljcrochet

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Thank you ljcrochet and a2gemini!

I'm curious what everyone's low point was in their remodeling process.

Before the remodel, we only had the main faucet.We have a whole house filtration system, but still, it's long ways for the water to reach the sink, not to mention there is a water softener in between. I always wondered how clean the tap water was for drinking. The old fridge did not have a water hookup.

Well, last night, everything water related has been hooked up -- the new fridge that has filtered water and an ice maker, as well as an under sink filter and an instant hot that go to a hot/cold drinking water faucet (separate from the main faucet).

DH took a glass, got some chilled water from the fridge door, dispensed an ice cube or two, then went to the drinking water faucet. Some room temp filtered water, and some near boiling instant hot water later, he took a couple sips of the mixture and uttered, "just perfect!"

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mudworm!! Congratulations!!! Sounds like you are on your way up!! I am so happy that you love all that you have completed so far. I look forward to seeing your reveal!!

Don't worry...Be happy!!! �

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My low point in the remodeling process???

That came 3 weeks ago when after 8 weeks without my kitchen sink or stove.... I was using a flashlight to go to the basement to go to the breaker box after blowing a breaker for the 5 th time in 2 days because my kids were using the toaster oven AND the microwave in the guest room. Anyway, I looked out the back window to see my gas grill fully engulfed in flames in my backyard from some greasy hamburgers that I had purchased out of desperation.

That was the lowest point.

But totally worth it now that its done.

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