Comstock Castle F3226-3RB

PiddlehillDecember 17, 2012

Has anyone heard of a Comstock Castle stove? Are they a residential or comercial stove? Are they any good. I am looking for a used commercial grade stove for our remodel project and a 60" Comstock Castle F3226-3RB is for sale in our area.

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It's commercial.

They often require wider clearance between stove and any surface than residential models, so you may run into building permit issues and layout problems.

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Thanks, I'll keep looking for a residential model.

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Comstock-Castle is the oldest stove mfgr in the USA. Since they
still insulate the sides of their commercial stoves the clearance
from combustibles is far less than all others. They have a FAQ
section on website ref using in residential setting. I have one & found
installation according to commercial code wasn't hard & price was
actually lower than a lot of residential stoves.

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