The great fish oil explosion

hags00December 9, 2012

A week after moving into my new house with my new kitchen, I did something stupid and the fish oil flew. Not a ton but where does it hit? Right down the front of my stainless steel dishwasher and on to my Marmoleum. Marmoleum wiped up with no issue.

Dishwasher, on the other hand, got worse as I smeared the fish oil around trying to wipe it off. Approximately half of the front of the dishwasher had fish oil smears. That was the beginning of October. I am still deep in the middle of renovating the entire house so I would pause momentarily and grab something from under the kitchen sink and try to clean off the front of the dishwasher and nothing worked. I have a stainless cleaner spray (which I never liked) that has mineral oil in it so I thought fight oil with oil, I tried Dawn dish soap (cuts grease!) and everything else I had. On my list of things to do was to search GW because I know there is a thread where everyone shared their favorite stainless cleaners and I was just going to go through the list and try them all!

I was at Target today, and on a whim picked up a canister of Weiman Stainless Steel wipes figuring they could sit under the kitchen sink next to the stainless spray I don't like after they didn't work either! They wiped the two month old fish oil smears off in one swipe. I was so excited I polished up all the stainless appliances, they did a nice job on all the tough finger prints and dog nose smears. Just thought I would pass it on, if you have something you can't get off your stainless, try the wipes!

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I need to buy some of those wipes! Fortunately, no fish oil but I did have custard flowing down the DW before the remodel (and the DW is a re-use)
It was pretty ugly - remember, the inner part of a food processor is lower than the outer rim...
Thanks for the suggestion!

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I use Shelia Shine after wiping up the messes with a damp cloth. A friend who was a maid in college recommended it. I found it at ACE Hardware.

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Don't know what brand, but I have had great results with the wipes too. Got them at the supermarket.

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Weiman wipes are the only SS cleaner that works for me, I love them! No streaks and they also have a nice scent. Their leather wipes are great too.

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Thanks for that tip. I am going to get the wipes. I too once had a bad experience with fish oil. When pregnant, I was taking fish oil caplets. I must have inadvertently left one in my winter coat pocket. Spring turned to summer and then fall. When winter came around again, I was out to dinner with DH on a chilly night and wore the coat. When I reached into my pocket and felt the capsul, I assumed it was vitamin E and I popped it so I could moisturize my hands. Well, it wasn't vitamin E oil, it was rancid fish oil. I had to throw the coat away. NASTIEST SMELL! Now I can look back on it and laugh, but at the time it was just horrific. LOL

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I've read that copper cleaner works well on SS fridge. Will try the wipes, constant battle here with stainless.

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Dilly - I know that smell! I am fortunate, it is my dog that takes the liquid fish oil for an auto-immune disease and I got so tired of the fishy smell that I switched to orange or lemon flavored Carlsons! I don't know how they do it but no fishy smell! It would have been double the insult to have oil on my new dishwasher and my new kitchen smelling fishy!

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Pernicious stuff, fish oil. I once left 4 fish oil capsules in a shirt pocket that went into the laundry basket and thence to the washer. It took about 5 wash cycles to get the smell out of the rest of the clothes; several more to get the shirt to a point where you had to sniff real hard to know what had happened. Even now, hungry seagulls follow me whenever I go outdoors (OK, that last bit is a lie, but the rest is true).

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This might sound a bit counter-productive but worth a shot. If you have a can of WD-40 around or can borrow a squirt or two, spray some on a soft microfiber cloth (not directly on appliance) and wipe the dishwasher. A little goes a long way. The tell-tale smell will dissipate quickly.

I use a light coat of WD-40 on all of my SS appliances and am stunned every time I see great it works. Some people think it will attract dust but I've never seen it happen in my kitchen.

I've done research on WD-40 and as long as you keep it away from a direct flame or food, it's supposed to be safe to use.

I've used it probably once or twice a month for many years and it has made living with all SS appliances a real pleasure.

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Okay, I was at Target today but am going back soon for those wipes! I've been using the Barkeeper's Friend liquid version. It does work, but it squirts all over and I have to do a lot of rinsing to get it all back off.

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Went and got some of those wipes today on my day off. They are NOT magic...however they are the best things I've used on my stainless appliances! I spent hours cleaning away. In my NEXT life, I won't get another stainless appliance ever!!! LOL, but for now, I'm stuck.

Thanks for the heads up btw!!!

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