Help! Christmas guests left bacon grease stains on wood counter!

AboutToGetDustyDecember 27, 2012

So I baby my new kitchen. I love it, I love to clean it. I cook and cook hard...but clean up spills right away. So over Christmas, my guests are using my microwave and helping with meal prep...and leave bacon grease stains left unattended on the butcher block counter where my microwave rests. Now I can't get off the stains! Any ideas? Thanks so much!

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What about baking soda?

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My grandfather used salt. Not sure if this would well in ur situation.

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Here's what I do on my Maple butcher block when I have a stain, (even works on red wine) cut a lemon in half, scrub the butcher block with the open lemon. Wipe excess with damp paper towel, allow to air dry, and re-coat with mineral oil.

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Just reoil the counter

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Thanks for all the suggestions - I will tuck them all away for later use! This time I tried baking soda (no lemons in the house) and then when dry I wiped the counter with mineral oil. Voila! All better :-)

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