Question about counter height windows

clubtrumpDecember 9, 2010

Hi folks, I'm a long time lurker, thank you all for your beautiful pictures, advice, insights, your joys and woes, all is helpful.

I hope to post my kitchen plan soon, I'm almost ready to have you pick me apart and help me build better. ;)

I absolutely love the windows to the counter, and pushed out, my question is, what size windows, height most importantly do you have?

My architect had originaly put double hung in the plans, not pushed out. So I'm trying to figure what will be able to fit. Standard sized casement windows come in heights of 3'5'', or 4'. The first too short, 4' will be sqeeking in, or did you have to order a custom size? We have standard 8' ceilings.

Architect said we could sqeeze in 4', but it would throw off the alignment visually of doors and such.

DH loves the look, and really wants me to have everything I want, just love him, my fabulous architects final words were, "don't worry, I'll give you everything you want, no matter what it costs you" ha ha ha,

I know this will be my first post of many for all of you wonderful people out there, thanks in advance.

Oh, and we make really good home made wine, so I have cases ready when those times come!

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I never really thought about the window height before, we turned a small single double hung into a dual casement, counter height to max light. We went up as far as we could and out as far as we could. It is 50 by 50, so it was a standard 48 inch casement. Originally I was going to do a totally different bump out window but I couldnt get the dimensions right so I went with the counter height. Its bumped out about 7 inches. Here is an unfinished pix

If you like counter height Id go for it and not worry what the other windows are doing. None of my nearby windows match sizes either.

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Hope you don't mind me asking a question here too, mamadukes, . . . if you have pics of what the exterior of the bumpout looks like, could you share them, adh673? I also love the counter height, pushed out look -- but didn't really like the thought of little roof overhang on the outside of the window (or maybe I just haven't seen them enough to get comfortable with the look?)

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I dont have any photos of that but will take a pix tomorrow if I remember. My husband was worried about that too but it looks totally fine (to us anyway). Here is the image I used when I was deciding and mine looks a lot like this, except smaller as our window is smaller.

Here is a link that might be useful: exterior bump out photo

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We have standard 8 ' ceilings and we just put in 3'8" windows and they are going to be about 2 inches above the countertops... I wanted level with the counters, but couldn't figure out the length we needed to come out right and knew it would have been a custom window. We got the 44" as a standard size (available in some window brands).

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bellacucina, I have an overhang outside of where my window will be, like in the pix that adh673 posted above, it's when you do not have the overhang that you need the little roof built.
adh673,actually like yours, that's about how far mine will be bumped out. Do you have 8' ceilings?

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We have 8' ceilings and have a counter-height bay window. Our window is 42.5" tall + another 1-3/4" filler header + 3/4" sill (b/c the window people didn't believe us when we told them exactly 36" off the floor...we would have made them do it over, but the windows were made for us and it would have meant delaying the entire kitchen by 6-8 weeks).

Our bay "alcove" extends out past the back wall of the house so the alcove height dictated the height of our windows.

Here's a pic (still working on "decorating"):

Here's a thread with counter-height windows. Of particular note are MamaDadaPaige's and ErikaNH's windows...they are "straight" windows with a 7" or 8" bump out. I like both, but I personally prefer MamaDadaPaige's exterior window, but not all homes can use it. I think ErikaNH's is probably more commonly used.

Thread: counter height window pictures please. This thread also contains measuring information. inspiration was Fothia's window.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of 99% finished Kitchen Reno (Fothia's Finished Kitchen thread)

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buehl, thanks, I've read those threads numerous times, which is why when everyone started scratching their heads looking at me like I had 3, I printed out pix and measuring info and said, "just do this". :) Much discussion ensued...
This is when the actual window height came up. My builder, long time friend, will do whatever I want, if it is possible, the architect is just worried about the visual impact of varying heights of windows and doors. Myself, I am approaching this kitchen with a function over form attitude mostly. There are 8 living here, DH, myself, 4 kids and 2 grandbabies. Although approaching 50, we don't expect an empty nest anyime soon. (she said with longing) regardless, DH and I have 12 sibling between us, they and all of their families live within 10 miles. We never have small gatherings.
Back to the windows, the whole house is done in Anderson, 20 years old and standing up well in the northeast, all double hung with 1 exception, a gliding window in a past addition, which was a function over form decision, this window will be in line with the new kitchen windows visually from the outside only. But it measures 4'11'' so I don't see a problem. I guess I'll call my window guy today and get an estimate on custom windows just in case. I'll get my buildser over too, heck, he installed the glider window, it fit, by my measurements I could put 36'' of cabs and counters under it. I'll keep ya posted.
nollie gardener, do you remember what brand windows you have, just in case I need to look in a different direction.
thanks again for all the information

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My ceilings are 8 feet. Here is the pix from the outside.

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Here's mine. I got all my info from this web site. My ceilings are also 8 feet. It limited the size of the window I could get because of the header (12 inches from ceiling).
My windows are 9'4" long and 3"6" high. That is why they don't come all the down to the counter- which is what I really wanted. I suppose I could've gone custom and had it a few inches lower, but I think this is going to look fine. I will have the granite go up to the window 2 inches. But I still get the effect since the granite slides out behind the sink. The windows are bumped out 6 inches.

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forgot to add:
There was a thread on this when I was deciding on windows. Do a Google search on Counter Height Windows and you'll find it.
This may work:

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You are so lucky to have all those windows and all those trees! It's going to be awesome when it all comes together!

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Love your kitchen layout adh673. So, no uppers on window wall? I'm doing something similar. 6 foot window, sconces on either side, no uppers on that wall. what are you doing re: backsplash on the window wall and how far up the wall are you going?
thanks a bunch! Donna

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adh673... I like how the outside of yours doesn't go up to the sofit, what is the actual height of your windows? 48'' I think you said, with 8' ceilings, yours look beautiful, you see this is why I don't understand why the men looking at me like I'm nuts. Are your counters in yet? has everything worked out ok?
joan2121...thanks, same for us, 8' ceiling, 12'' header, so would the 4' window not fit or did you decide to not chance it and fudge it top and bottom, to get close to the look you wanted, instead of custom size windows? Your kitchen looks like it coming along beautifully, cabs look gorgeous. I don't even have walls yet.
As of tonight I am shutting down advancement of our build. Well, not really, footings are in, blocks for basement will be going up on Monday, but after that I'm done till after Christmas. I am a old soul Christmas kinda girl and my tree isn't even up yet...:( bah hummbug, that's how I've felt, and it's killing me), I have grandbabies in this house and I've been a major scrooge. Just wrong. I've waited 10 years for this kitchen, a few weeks delay... oh well, grand babes first. Decisions can wait, it's all about the heart of the home right! no matter the size of the box :)

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Moma, i think the 4' high window meant changing the header for us. But, If I could go back I would've looked at custom and tried to get a taller window that went to the counter. The windows were the first thing we did, and they had to be ordered way in advance. I had the same problem as you- everyone thought I was crazy: no backsplash?? no upper cabs?? but I kept showing pictures from GW and stuck to my guns as best I could and got the biggest window possible. I was back and forth about double hung, one big picture and small sides, or casement. I wanted double hungs like all those great pictures I saw. But, with 8 foot ceiling, they looked short and squatty in the drawing, so I opted for casement. A few things to think about:I told them to install to the counter. Luckily I was right there and able to stop it. It looked awful at the top! Too low. And your eye went to a not so nice view of the deck railing! Also, if you go too high and are not bumped out, you may get a view of you over hang. Then you have to think about where the posts go. Mine turned out to be in the center of the sink. I don't mind it-it is not so close because of the bump out.
My advice, if you can do it, is to get the tallest ones you can and go to the counter. Of course, in the end, if you have to have a small backsplash it will look great. I'll post pictures of mine next week after the granite goes in.

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joan I can honestly say those are points I haven't heard before, thank you.
Our deck is to the right of the windows so that shouldn't be a problem, but the bilco doors to the basement will be below the sink windows. Not thrilled about that but, sadly the men get to follow the function over form rule too. I need to think about this

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