For those who have a 10' deep sink - does your faucet splash?

tontamDecember 27, 2010

A lot?

If not, what faucet do you have?

Is there a certain height that the faucet should be to prevent splashing?

I prefer goose neck faucets, but are they prone to splashing in a 10" deep sink?

Thanks in advance :)

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No. I find myself cleaning my 10" sink next to the running water (gooseneck faucet) and my sleeve doesn't get wet. There's a tiny bit of lateral mist, but, as I said, not enough to get wet. My old 10" sink didn't splash with the old low profile faucet either.

I think it's a fallacy that splashing is from the height of the faucet and depth of the sink. My gooseneck on my laundry sink doesn't splash either. My friend's low profile faucet on a shallow sink splashes like crazy.

Looking at all the examples I could, I figured out that in every one I saw, splashing was caused by the shape of the sink bottom, mostly, and the angle the water leaves the faucet to a certain extent. This fits with all the analytic geometry I know as well.

I know this isn't too helpful with finding what to buy that won't splash, but I can assure you that it's possible to have a 10" sink and a gooseneck faucet and be splash free. Do look for a faucet that doesn't flow completely straight down, though. That should help.

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I posted the same question before buying the Moen Level faucet (gooseneck; pulldown spray). No tried and true answers were forthcoming. My previous Kohler faucet splashed like crazy even when pressure was lowered - I hated it. Since I don't have access to the previous home any longer, I can't tell you what's different -- height from bottom of faucet to bottom of sink? Where stream hits bottom of sink? -- but the current one works very well with splashing only when the pressure is full on.

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My faucet only splashes when the water hits something in the bottom of the sink that isn't solid and flat like the bottom of the sink. I have a small mat that I use in the bottom of the sink sometimes, and if the water flow its the edge of one of the holes it will splash. I try to keep the mat out of the way of the water and have no trouble at all.

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I have a 10" deep sink and a 20" tall KWC gooseneck faucet with very strong water pressure. Full on it doesn't splash unless it hits something in the sink.

The best way to be sure the faucet doesn't splash is to work the specs and installation so the faucet spout empties directly into the center of the drain opening.

Lining it up over the drain is not always possible for various reasons but it's ideal.

Additionally, some faucet brands are less prone to splashing because they have water restrictors; others don't.

I'm really happy with my 30 x 10" deep sink. It holds a ton and hides a lot of mess.

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I have a 10'' Silgranit sink with a Hamat pull-out faucet, which isn't lined up over the drain, and it doesn't splash at all.

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10" Moenstone sink and a Moen Monticello faucet (no longer made; high-arc single-handle faucet). No splashing.

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I have a 10" deep acrylic sink with a Lady Lux faucet. No splashing.

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Kohler Vinnata (taller one) high-arc faucet with a 9" deep sink + 3cm granite which means my sink is > 10" deep. I find that splashing occurs most when

(1) I put my hands or other item in the stream or spray above the top of the sink. If I keep my hands or dish inside the sink, there's still splashing, but it's contained inside the sink.


(2) The water hits something oddly shaped or shaped so it directs the water back up. The splashing does stay mostly in the sink, but sometimes it does splash outside.

#2 was an issue even w/our shallow sink + low profile faucet in our old kitchen. #1 wasn't an issue b/c the faucet was so low you always had to have your hands or dish inside the sink!

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I thought for sure mine would splash after things I'd read (Shaws 30" farm sink) and especially cause I was getting a VERY high wall-mounted gooseneck faucet! It's 20 3/4" from the bottom of my sink to the spout of my faucet! I just went and tested it again for you. I usually keep it on the spray option in which case it never sprays. If I put it on the main flow (forget what you call it -but the kind that doesn't act as a sprayer), and point it down into the disposal/drain hole, it of course doesn't splash. If I point it onto the bottom of the sink, I don't notice it splashing but if I put my hands right above the sink and try to feel splashing, I can sometimes feel a sort of misty spray - the kind you can barely feel - and it doesn't go up onto the countertop. If I have dishes stacked up in there toward the top and in a precarious position e.g. a flat plate which tend to splash more, it will "mist" a bit more but nothing bad. Now if I'm doing dishes and holding them up higher and moving them in all angles then it will do it even more but I think that's the case with everyone. I'm happy with the way things turned out - but this faucet was admittedly the second most-expensive thing I paid for in that kitchen!! The Miele dishwasher was the first, which gives you an idea!! And no, I can't really afford that but was SO SICK of past faucet nightmares that I decided to splurge as well as really make a statement (and I liked that I could take off the hidden hose and use it as a loose sprayer if I want to!). So my point there is that perhaps the more you pay, the more your faucet will behave, but I don't know.

Wow - sorry to write so much. (blush)

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Same as Buehl -- but #1 seems to happen more at the smaller, 9" deep prep sink than the 10" deep main sink.

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I have a 10'' Kohler Executive Chef sink with a high arc faucet (Kohler Vinnata) and I don't have a splashing problem.

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I have a Shaws sink, approximately 10" deep and have never had a splashing problem. My faucet is a Giagni. Here is a pic.

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I have a splashing problem! Tired of wiping up water around the sink multiple times a day. Help! It's all really nice stuff -- Grohe faucet, Elkay sink, Cambria quartz. How can I fix this?

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Does it splash without the sink grid in it?

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Yes, splashes either way. At front under faucet handle area, but faucet not leaking that we can see.

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Does it splash all by itself, without intersecting the stream? I have a similar setup as yours, with grid, and mine only splashes if I enter the stream too high or at a certain angle. It is a challenge, but I've adapted. There's isn't a certain point where splashing occurs, depends on the angle.

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mine behaves exactly like linelle's - it doesn't splash if it's just running (whether on stream or spray), but the minute I put something under it at the wrong angle or height, it does. I'm just getting used to it, having had it for only a couple of weeks.

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Ya know, it seems to me that it is a Law of Nature that running water, when it hits an obstacle, will splash. So it would be the angle of encounter that determines where to and how much splashing there is.

Southernmum, I have never used your style of pullout, but it looks to me like the rear of it angles back in a way that would direct the water rearward-- and the resulting splash even more so. Do you think that is what is happening?

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" it doesn't splash if it's just running (whether on stream or spray), but the minute I put something under it at the wrong angle or height, it does"

sjhockeyfan, it's exactly like this! If I have an empty sink, dry counter, turn on water and just stand back and observe, it stays dry! But if I even wash my hands, instant splashage!

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southernmum, what I have determined is that if I turn the force down just a little bit, it solves the problem somewhat. We had specifically decided on a full-force faucet (2.2 gpm) instead of a low-flow (1.8 gpm) but it turns out full-force is just too darned forceful!

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It's physics (says she who never actually took Physics).

I just washed my hands. I hold them in a vertical, fingertips downward facing position. That's good and doesn't splash. If I put my open hand under the stream, look out.

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This is my Grohe faucet. It is only a couple of years old. I love it so much but I can't remember the name of it. It doesn't splash because the output is soft but full and the spray is too. I do like my deep sink. I have a grid in it that makes it about an inch higher. The grid I have has an open area over the drain. Mine does not splash. I love it.

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