Ikea Abstrakt cabinets

lilla12December 14, 2009

I am considering purchasing Ikea Abstrakt high-gloss white kitchen cabinets but leary about their durability as they are made of fiberboard instead of wood. Has anyone had any experience with these cabinets--positive or negative? Does the finish hold up well? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I'm getting them - well, they've been delivered. Not assembled yet. I hope the door finish is durable. I got one early and brought home and put a glass of cold water on it for overnight. It was fine. No ring. I should have tried oil. Maybe I will, although it's too late for me! From all I've read, there is enough stability in cabinets being attached to each other and the wall that strength of fiberboard should not be an issue. Things to consider are that there are no filler pieces of 2,3,4,5,6 inches, although there is something they call filler pieces. Also, there is no lip on the underside of the cabinet for hiding lighting. Still not sure how to deal with that one, but I haven't been undercounter light shopping in person yet. Definitely make sure your Ikea kitchen planner has lots of experience. I had a new one not so good and an experienced one who was wonderful. Get your plan from here first, maybe and let them make it into an Ikea plan. I also count on the fact that I can get new white doors from Scherr's or somewhere if the finish doesn't hold up. I sure hope it does, though!

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Jean Bo

Do you have to use a Ikea designer for their cabinets or are there other designers that are willing to work with their products? I had them come out and was not impressed with anything they came up with at all.

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I could not figure out my kitchen plan at all. Buehl did it for me here on garden web. Post here! I thought my kitchen was too funky shaped and impossible. Now I have a great plan. You do need the ikea people to do a final ikea draft as they know all the parts you need to order to make it work.

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Yes, here and at ikeafans you'll find much better help than with the company ikea is using in most locations now.

I'd also encourage you to ask over there (and here, too) about installers if you don't plan to DYI. Ikea used to have a system of many certified installers and they just gave you a list, but lately in most stores there's just one big national RTA-assembly co they push and they're not the best choice in most locations.

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Ikeafans.com will explain how to do trim pieces and the light rail. Everthing is doable, but it helps to have somebody to answer your questions.

BTW, the IKEA workers are not there to plan your kitchen, though they will make suggestions, so work on your plan before you go.

And I have the abstrakt in my laundry room and some of the frosted glass doored cabinets in my garage. No problems.

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I've had Asbtrakt White cabinet doors for 5 years and they hold up fine, no stains, no dents, no scracthes, and I can tell you I do not baby them (I never baby things).

They are a very easy to clean (with Windex and paper towels).

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Has anyone used Panda Kitchen & Bath. I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL but I believe they are nationwide, with headquarters in Miami. I would like to hear positives/negatives about their cabinetry, installation skills, reliability, problem solving, etc.

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