Rust in my NEW Ticor Sink

MIssyVDecember 8, 2011

I will be calling Ticor to let them know that after one week of use I have a few different spots of rust in the bottom of my sink. I have no idea what would have caused this and really don't think this should be expected of stainless steel. I am hoping they make it right, but nervous that even if they do, who is going to install my replacement sink? The granite installers put this one in, I don't want to have the responsibility of putting in a new one.

Anyone else have an issue with rust in a stainless sink?

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it does sound like you got a defective sink. I haven't heard of this before with ticor, and I would think they will make it right, and that should include the re-install! please let us know their response. good luck!

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This is from the Franke sink website,l but since stainless steel is stainless steel, the info would also apply to Ticor -- I don't think it's a problem with the Ticor, just the natural bonding nature of steel:

Below is the question copied from their Q&A page:

Q: I have rust in my sink - how can this be?!
A: Stainless steel is a wonderful material that does not rust. However, if given the opportunity, iron particles that do rust will bond to its surface - from metal cooking implements for instance. To remove this surface corrosion, place a small amount of Autosol� on a damp or dry cloth. Rub in the direction of the grain on the bottom or sides of the bowl. You may also use Scotch-Brite� on the bottom or sides of the bowl ...Thoroughly rinse and towel dry.

Sink tip: Regularly rinse and towel dry your sink after use to keep its surface exposed to oxygen. (It is the oxygen that reacts with chromium in the steel to form a strong, highly protective chrome oxide film on the surface. It is this film that makes stainless resistant to corrosion and gives it a remarkably long life)

Here is a link that might be useful: Franke Q&A

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kris_ma, your post begs the question - does anyone towel dry their sink after use?

Hope it cleans right up, MIssyV. Good luck!

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A little while after the stainless steel backsplash was installed, I noticed little particles of rust all over it after I wiped it down with a sponge. I finally figured out it was the cutting oils left on the surface and think the fabricator recycles the oil. Included in the oil seemed to be particles from other projects that were not stainless.

So to get rid of it, I washed the backsplash really well - including liberal amounts of soap and rinsed that off multiple times. Problem gone. Barkeepers Friend would likely do the same thing.

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Hi all! I agree mpagmom...who towel dries their sink after EVERY use? If thats what it takes, ss sink is NOT for me :)

I called galaxytoolsupply and the guy I spoke to said it usually happens from hard water and will send me a cleaner he recommends. To my knowledge, we do not have hard water, but I could be wrong! I am willing to give it a try and see if it helps.

Thanks all....will keep you posted :)

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who towel dries their sink after EVERY use?

Actually, I had a college roommate who suffered from this. She was raised by an aunt who thought drops in the sink were the worst, so everyone had to wipe out the sink every time they used it.

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during construction many materials get cut. Sometimes steel gets cut. Specks of steel are everywhere. They are invisible. Steel rusts. It is normal to find the rust on your sink. The description by Franke explains why the specks stuck to your sink. Once you remove it, it is gone. Nothing is defective. Everything is fine.

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I have a ticor sink and the same thing happened here! DH and I freaked out about it but after a few times washing out the sink it disappeared!

We are so happy with our ticor sink. I am sure it is just a speck stuck there like the last poster said because the same thing happened to us!

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"kris_ma, your post begs the question - does anyone towel dry their sink after use?"

I do, but that's because the house is for sale. 1. It looks good, and 2. it lets me know if they ran water in the sink while pretending to live there.

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Steel wool "dust" and bits will leave rust spots, but they are easily cleaned off (with BKF, ZUD, or other similar cleansers). I don't use steel wool on my sink, but will sometimes use it to "buff" my granite near the sink (removes hard water "stains"/deposits from the surface of the stone). Some of the dust settles in the sink, and will leave rust spots if I forget to rinse the sink.

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SS spots bother me also. I refuse to wipe down my sink after every one of the 357 times a day I use my sink.

I hope your rust spots disappear as chitown's did!

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ok, just wanted to log back in to update for anyone that stumbles across this post in the future. i used bar keepers friend and it removed the rust spots!! so happy :) i have yet to receive whatever product galaxy tool supply is sending me, but knowing bar keepers friend works makes me happy.

on a side note, i love how huge my sink is, but would not buy it again. it does not drain well...water sort of "puddles" in the sink leading me to believe either my sink was installed tipped slightly or the sink just doesn't angle towards the drain enough.

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Which Ticor did you get? Model number?

Glad the rust is gone.

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