Counter depth decision for Olivertwist?

quiltgirlDecember 30, 2012

Olivertwist, did you ever decide on what counter depth you were going to do and did you get a price on the upcharge for doing so? Just curious!
Also, has anyone done 27 inch deep cabinets with countertop to measure 28.5 inches? Is it worth the extra cost etc. for just three inches?

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Haven't priced it out yet only because we still have to pick the actual cabinets but this is what I decided...

27 inch counters

Mostly I will NOT do extra deep lowers, but this is in part due to expense but also due to the layout. (for instance extra deep lowers in front of the built-in compost bin wouldn't make sense). What I decided to do is extra deep lowers as needed, so I think we picked 2 lower drawers/roll outs where it made sense.

Uppers I am asking for 15 inches.

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Another option (if your primary goal is the deeper countertops) is to use standard depth lowers, pulled forward. We have 30" deep countertops with 24" cabinets pulled forward 6". I would have loved the deeper cabinets but was not able to get deeper drawers with our cabinet line. Our uppers are 18" deep. Good luck!

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