Bertazzoni Oven Not Getting Hot Enough

claudia_2010December 16, 2012

Hello--I have the 24" Bertazzoni oven. I rarely use the oven as I cook stove top most of the time. I tried cooking beets and they have been in there forever and are rock hard. They're supposed to cook at 375. I turned the oven up to 500 and I looked at the oven thermostat and it says 275 (after being turned up high for over an hour!) No wonder they are not cooking.

Has anyone had this problem? Thanks

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I have the 30" range, so not a huge help here. I have not had that problem - is everything sounding right (door fan is blowing)? I would probably call the appliance store and have them come take a look at it . It should heat up more quickly than that, I usually let my oven preheat for 15 min or so.

I love beets, so I'd also be eager to have them cook if I were in your shoes.

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Hi, I have the 48" dual fuel and experiencing the same issue with the oven not getting hot enough. We've had it for 4 months with no prior issues. Then, when we turned the oven off, the fan/blower and light stayed on for too long.. we ended up using the breaker switch to get it to turn off. I'll be calling the appliance store tomorrow. Claudia_2010... I'm curious what your resolution was. Thanks!

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