Anyone had chips in white marble counters repaired (epoxy, etc.?)

Madeline616December 23, 2013

Hi all,

Have been enjoying my Vermont Danby Olympian white counters for about 2 years now.

Although the etches don't bother me at all, I do have 3 chips that I'd love to have repaired.

I recently got a "larger" one (about a centimeter long and maybe 1/4 centimeter deep) when a dish fell out and clipped the edge of the counter.

I'm wondering what your experiences have been with having chips in white marble camouflaged with epoxy (or another product). The larger of the 3 chips is on a grayish area, the 2 others on very white areas. All 3 are on the edges of the counters.


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white marble is a tough repair. I've had my best success taking a bit of the material, crushing it, and using the crushed material as the coloring agent with a truly clear epoxy. I emphasize "clear" because many supposedly clear epoxies get a yellow tint once cured which is very noticable on the white counter.

A good fabricator or stone restoration guy should be able to do a nice repair for you. Same person could probably bring the polish back on your etched areas assuming your stone is polished and not honed.

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They did this on our bathroom marble before they installed it. It was one of those perfectly white pieces with some pale grey veining - I couldn't pass it up, but it had a couple of deep pits. They said they'd fill them and I was skeptical, but they looked great and 3 or 4 years later, I still can't tell where they are. Sorry, I can't tell you the process.

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Get a repairperson who has an Invicon kit.

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