f&p twin draw stopped working and no display lights

mattgarrattDecember 28, 2013

my f&p twin draw dishwasher stopped working yesturday while in the middle of a clean. there is no lights on the display window and origionally i thought a fuse may have blown but all other appliances are working. i did pull the plug out of the wall and reinnstall and this made a beep and display lights came on but these went out after 2 seconds. if i switch the power button of and on at the wall point nothing happens to the display. does anyone know what the issue is? and how i can fix it.

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You might want to try the Appliances forum.

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Link to the Appliances Forum. Try posting your question there - people who post on the Appliances Forum have more knowledge of appliances than most of us have here on the Kitchens Forum.

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I believe F&P has a help line you can call, could be a question of resetting the code. The # is probably in your instruction manual.

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