some kitchen progress

donaleenDecember 1, 2012

dh told me the first of seven cabinets that make up our sink area run was glued up. so i went to see and found this, bristling with clamps.

this the smallest of the three uppers. things have really slowed down with my broken wrist.

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I'm so sorry for your fall which broke your hand, donaleen. I read your post weeks ago and felt empathy since I similarly broke mine (in the midst of projects) in March. Yes, it puts projects on hold and is generally frustrating. But healing well is important, so seen from that perspective it's worth the wait to use whole again. I made sure to take Vitamin D while healing-ask your own physician. I am just now returning to the closet sliding door project which I was doing the day of my fall.

Glad to see your husband's handiwork. Small steps always get you to the end of the road if you keep on going as do large. I'll be thinking of you, hoping for no complications and as quick a recovery as possible.

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