Leather pulls

YuliaODecember 12, 2013

We are thinking of doing leather pulls on our kitchen cabinets�Do you think its a crazy idea? i am a bit scared they would be very hard to keep clean�.

Any advise?


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It depends on how you feel about patina and age.

I have those exact pulls, in my dressing room closet. (BTW, I got them for less by buying direct, but the UK company is not set up for US retail so I had to wire them sterling! It was still worth it given how many i bought)

I find myself, from time to time, needing to clean some unidentified food stuff from my kitchen knobs. Not an issue with metal, could be an issue with leather. Do you have kids? Are you a messy cook?

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we have 3 kids (ages 3 7 and 10) :)
I am ok with patina and age, it actually was the idea - we are installing white high gloss cabinets (ikea) and thought it would be nice contrast of old with contemporary.

I just want to make sure it looks old with time, not dirty :) and i don't want to catch myself yelling at kids to wash their hands before touching kitchen :)

we have white glossy cabinets, and (i hope) white/grey countertopsâ¦grey wallsâ¦dark wood floorsâ¦I'd prefer brown handles but i think with my set up the black ones would be better?

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How is the back side finished? I agree that no matter how careful you are, you can get food on the back of handles. There's that to consider.

The photo on Houzz has one handle that looks a bit askew. Maybe mtnrdredux can say whether extended use causes them to soften, stretch or sag.

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You can get these in the US made by Turnstyle Designs, through Hardware Hut or others

Here is a link that might be useful: Turnstyle

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there are so many of those handles nowâ¦if i decide to go with those i'll order samples from 4-5 placesâ¦

i've also seen very cute light blue handlesâ¦but i don't think they are durable at allâ¦

and, there are those onesâ¦but i am not sure they are much different from ikea onesâ¦

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I like the idea of mixing old and new, and eclectic in general, but disparate styles shouldn't be bolted together.

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They don't get very heavy use in a closet, but they have held up very well. Zero sagging or stretching. I really like them, they are very nicely made. Mine were from a UK source. I did find the wire I sent, but I'd have to go look up exchange rates and figure out how many i bought to determine what i paid. I do recall the local retailer here wanted something like $80 a piece! So the source listed above for $35 is probably what I paid or close to it.

Anyway, if you have had leather furniture, you know it gets scratches and water spots. In a kitchen it might also get some grease on it. If you don't mind the look of well worn leather, think suitcase handle, then no issue. It will probably darken and get shiny over time (mine look like new but again a different application, and about 2.5 years in use so far). Personally, I think black might look worse as it ages then a more "leathery" color, IDK?

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Oh, i forgot to mention one thing. IIRC, my pulls were not a standard size. So if I ever want to replace them it will be tricky. I would suggest getting a standard size so that you could switch the pulls out more easily in the future if you should want to.

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I had planned to use a leather strap or finger pull as a door "knob" on my corner pantry door as I was afraid in the planning stages that a regular door knob would dent the stainless fridge next to it. I'll link one below that I bookmarked. $20 range. Now, two years of kitchen use later, I see that the pantry knob won't hit the fridge so now I'm not sure what to do. I still love the idea, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: spinneybeck leather pulls

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Here's a good shopping source for Spinneybeck leather.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spinneybeck at Millennium Hardware

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Thank you! Those are so cool

I wonder how durable they are, thoughâ¦.They are pretty cheap so could easily change them like once a year or two (i have a small kitchen) But you can't reuse the screws many times, i thinkâ¦

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The dirtiest things in your kitchen in descending order are: trash can, floor, sink, cabinet pulls. If you can't bleach them, don't buy them. Leather is too porous to be sanitary. If you want a nice contrast to shiny cabinets, consider wood handles like these from reveal designs. Wood develops patina with use. It has bacteriostatic properties and can be bleached then oiled to bring back its luster.

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those are VERY nice!

i will consider it, too!

i also like those with carbon lookâ¦I am planning to get kohler carbonâ¦would look nice togetherâ¦

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