All-Clad d5 10-pc cookware. A splurge that's justifiable?

mudwormDecember 10, 2012

$600 (plus tax) is supposed to be a good deal for this set that's usually being sold at William-Sonoma for $800. We will have our new induction cooktop installed this weekend, and I need a whole new set of cookware.

But $650 (incl. tax) for 5 pots and pans! Why do I feel guilty for making this purchase? What do you think? Is All-Clad overrated and overpriced?

Oh, in case you are interested in the set, put in coupon code COOKWARE for 25% off and free shipping to get the sale price.

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I've had my set of All-Clad for close to 20 years now. Although I like them, every one of the pans has warped, and a couple have cracked. When I had a smooth top range, it was not ideal for cooking. I have gas now, so they work ok. All-Clad tells me they will advise me if it's under warranty ONLY after I send them in for their review. And they won't guarantee they will send them back if they are not covered under warranty. For the amount of postage required to mail them back, I could probably purchase several new pans.

So..if I were to replace them, I would choose something else.

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That's a good price for what you get. The equivalent 3-ply All-Clad set is more $$ on Amazon, and I think the 5-ply may be a tad better on induction.

Ours have held up well over a decade. As Joyce notes, the bases of some pieces (skillets and saute pans) tend not to be perfectly flat (either when new, or after a bit of use), so they may be problematic on induction.

I personally like Mauviel M'cook a little more than All-Clad, but it's a bit more expensive than All-Clad's non-sale price. Mauviel grinds the bases of their pans flat, but I have no experience with their skillets or saute pans.

For induction, I'd be tempted to look at Demeyere - their bases are machined dead flat (apart from the skillets) and they look like they could never warp - but Demeyere makes the other two brands look inexpensive.

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I'm not saying they're EXACT apples to apples, but having cooked both w/ All-Clad and the Walmart Tramontina (see link), I can't really tell them apart.

I had a GREAT very expensive set but when we got the induction cooktop, we had to get a new set. That's when I learned about the Tramontina. LOVE it!

Having used both, I wouldn't spend the money on All-Clad.
but that's me.

good luck.

can read more about the Tramontina on

Here is a link that might be useful: Tramontina

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Your mind may already be made up but for what it's worth, I went through something similar a few months ago (searching for a new saucepan) and bought a nice selection of Tramontina Tri-Ply pans with lids. Have been very pleased with them and recommend them highly. Let us know what you end up selecting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Saucepan thread

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I don't have All-Clad. I have a set of Calphalon One, which is their most expensive line that got replaced by Calphalon Unison. After 5 years of almost daily use, three of the pans are loosing their nonstick coating. I spend $20 to mail them back and they mailed me three brand new Calphalon Unison pans. When you buy stainless steel pans, make sure the triply or 5 ply goes all the way to up the side of the pan. I think alot of cheaper brands only have the core on the bottom and not the side.

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I have a mixed bag of vessels - I have some 25 year old all clad, new all clad, CIA, DeMeyere, Staub, Calphalon(yes they do make some ferrous vessels), etc - I just buy the individual ones on sale.

The only "set" was the CIA and it turned out the set had just what I was missing. I think the set was 5 pieces plus a free mixing bowl.

One thing that I like with my induction are clear lids but not all are my vessels have clear lids - but it is helpful, especially as you learn your cooktop.

If you will use all of the all clad pieces in the set - go for it. The old ones look brand new despite having burned many things in them. I also toss them in the DW to clean them.

Just looked at the tramontia - they look pretty nice.

Which cooktop are you getting?

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I have a good number of All Clad pieces, all, I think from their twice-yearly factory sales. Some go back to when the sale took place at the actual factory, so they would be about 20 years old. Even the seconds have held up fine, but I use them on gas mostly, occasionally on a portable induction burner. I haven't noticed warping.
But when I needed to fill out pieces for a summer/eventual retirement house, I couldn't pass up these from a restaurant supply place. If I were doing it over, I'd start with those, and fill in what I needed/used often otherwise with All Clad (at their sales! everthing at least 40% off) or Vollrath stainless.

Here is a link that might be useful: restaurant supply

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I have several regular All-Clad pots and pans and one d5 cooper core skillet.
It is wonderful! 600 dollars doesn't sound bad for a set of All-Clad d5.

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I have all clad saucepan, 1 qt pan, and three different size skillets. What I LOVE about them, besides how they perform on the gas, is the ease of cleaning. No matter what burns in them (I have left rice for several hours when I forgot about it and left the house--returned to smokey mess and the saucepan cleans right up. I have LTD.
I also recommend Tremonia. I have the stockpot and a 2 qt. saucepan. Very reasonable price (at Tuesday morning) and great performance.

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I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the D5 line. I have heard more mixed things (though mostly positive) about All-Clad's other lines, but those who I've heard talk about the D5 line really like it. I'd been thinking about getting some D5 pieces, and I just took the plunge and ordered the set with the special offer. I had already ordered a saucepan from that line for $300-ish, so $600 seemed like a great deal for the set. I hope it really is worth it!

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We bought a starter set last year when we got our induction. We needed new cookware anyway as the 10 piece for $30 set we had for 11 years was about 5 years past where it should have been tossed.

We love our All Clad! It works great with the induction. DH has even managed to scorch the bottom of a saucepan a few times letting it boil dry (there may have been some alcohol involved). They clean up beautifully. We have not seen any warping. We have about 5 pieces that met almost all our needs. Yes, they were expensive, but I expect to have them for a very long time. We even splurged on the steamer insert, which we use at least once a week.

You don't need this set to change to induction. But if you have been wanting all clad, it sounds like a good deal. If you cook a lot, good pots and pans are worth the investment. Think of how much you save by not eating out! We average less than one dinner a week out. At this point we just decided if something made us enjoy cooking more, then it was worth the investment.

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Consider if you realy need all the pieces in the set.. I have often heard from friends who cook to only buy specific pieces that suit the way I cook. Might be cheaper. I like all-clad but wish it would have a rim that is easier to pour.

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The Tramontina that Cook's Illustrated compared so well to All Clad is their tri-ply stainless steel available at You can buy it individually or in 8 or 10 piece sets. Today it was $129 for 8 pieces or 10 for $229. I have one piece and it's great on my induction. Tramontina makes at least 85 pieces, but it's this tri-ply.

You don't need to spend big bucks to cook well on induction.

Demeyere's website talks about not necessary to get clad up the sides for saucepots, stockpots when using induction. Disc only on the bottom works perfectly well on induction.

I have a mix of cookware. I have 4 pieces of Circulon Ultimate, LeCrueset anodized skillet, Farberware Millennium(love, love), Macy's Tools of the Trade & Cookright, T-fal Ultimate and some $15 Denmark from BBB.

Cast iron works flawlessly on induction, but it's too heavy for me. I use my cast iron for bread baking.

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Oh man, there was a huge set of AllClad at 50% off on Amazon today. One of the Lightening deals that ran out pretty quickly and went on wait list.

I have some All Clad. I got mine on eBay several years ago. Probably some seconds but really nice cookware. Might want to look there. I got my pieces separately.

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OK, everyone loves the way All-Clad cooks - me too. But good golly they're heavy. I'm young, fit, and I kayak religiously so I would characterize my upper body strength as above average, and I hate lifting those blasted pans when they're full of food. I have little experience with other pans and my guess is I'll be lifting these same weighty darlings for another 20 years. Is the price good? Sure. But maybe you should try cooking with a neighbor's All-Cald before you dive in.

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Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. I also appreciate the suggestions on alternatives.

I know years ago, if I had heard this price, I'd have thought it was outrageous -- $650 for 5 pots and pans! Not sure exactly why, but the fact that I'm actually considering the purchase surprises me.

Oh, since GWlolo brought it up, I believe this set have the pouring rim built in, judging by the image.

And oldbat2be , that whole pan of mussels look so delicious. Been living on packaged food from Trader Joe's for a long time, and can't wait to cook a meal like that! Our cooktop (Bosch 500), sink, and range hood should be hooked up this weekend. I so look forward to it!

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I went for the Tramontina. Folks over at Chowhound chat it up all the time for induction. Can't beat the prices. They are a breeze to clean up. I have a Bosch 800 induction; no humming or other noises, pans seem to heat very evenly.

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I just got the Emeril Pro clad by all clad at BBB, $299 and got a free cast iron skillet! That seemed like a good deal to me, I couldn't spend the $ on the all clad! It's a christmas present, so I haven't used it yet! Plus I used my 20% off coupon!

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I've used my All Clad on induction and now on gas - love my AC! I bought the all-stainless...I throw them in the dishwasher and they're so easy-care. No dents in mine. I wish I had more, especially since I lost one during construction. I've had Caphalon non-stick and they don't seem to last very long.

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I have the same as Christine - the Emeril by All Clad same price that she paid. I love it. Plus like she said, a free cast iron skillet (small but good one) I have absolutely no complaints about that cookware. $300 plus a 20%off coupon - makes it a really good deal.

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Glad you like the Emeril mountaineer girl! I can't wait to use it!! I also looked at the Costco stainless set--it's cheaper, and I think it's made by Tramontina, I saw mixed reviews, so stuck with the emeril....

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We have 10 or 12 pieces of All Clad d5 and find it works great with induction. Also have a couple of pieces of Costco stainless, they work great as well (no buzzing, excellent heating and distribution, very heavy feel). Everything is only a couple of years old so I can't speak for the durability of one vs the other, but performance-wise I don't see a difference between the two brands.

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I've been using my GE induction range for less than a month. I bought a set of Cuisinart Multiclad Pro. Works great on induction, I like the handles far more than All Clad, and Cuisinart has a flared rim which makes pouring easier. Cuisinart Multiclad Pro is far less expensive than All Clad. On my old electric range, I had a few pieces of Cuisinart Multiclad (which I loved), but they were not compatible with induction. You might want to compare handles; my hands are on the small side and I really dislike All Clad handles.

I rounded out my Cuisinart set with a 1 qt Tramontina triply saucepot (Wal-Mart site to store special order) which also works just fine. Its handle isn't as pleasant and it doesn't have pouring rim (I think the bigger pots do have it,) but since it's so tiny, it's ok. I also picked up, at Target, a non-stick frying pan made by Calphalon which didn't say induction-compatible but has a stainless plate on the bottom of it's aluminum body. It, too, works fine, but not quite as well as the other pieces--it is fine for scrambled eggs.

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For my induction-capable cookware, I started with the Tramontina TriPly 10 piece set and added nonstick skillets and a few other pots in different brands from Marshall's and TJ Maxx. I've used every piece I own. I love the Tramontina, but it is very heavy, just like the All Clad. But I don't think you need to spend All Clad prices - even sale prices - to get great pots for induction.

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The deal just got better. WS is now offering $10 off of every $50 you spend. Not sure of this year but in a previous one both offers could be combined!

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beachlily z9a

I had three All-Clad pans for the induction range I purchased 2-2.5 yr ago. Hated them! They didn't heat up quickly even with induction. Hubby hated cleaning them--no burned on gunk, just general cleaning. I sold the two biggest pans to a lady on the Cooking Forum because she uses gas. Now I use a mix of brands that all perform much better than the All-Clad.

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I happen to live near a WS outlet store. Twice a year or so they put the D5 and the D3 on sale for 40%-50% off. That's when I buy extra pieces.

IIRC, the D5 has the pouring lip and the D3 does not. Not all of their pans are induction-capable. I seem to remember that some of the larger stuff is not, but that was a few years ago.

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I have the small set of the SS AllClad for about 8 years and love it. It has the cladding right up the sides, things heat evenly and I don't have to stir much. I can simmer anything in it. It goes in the DW with each use. It still looks like new. As for heavy I immediately found I pick up pans differently than I did other cookware. I go from the bottom instead of the top of the handle. Helper handle on bigger pieces is great.

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I'm shopping for a great new set of pots and pans. Yes, $600 is a lot of money, but I'd pay it if it's a set I expect to use for the next twenty years or so. If you're a constant cook, it's a "good spend".

However, I'm not convinced that All Clad is the way to go. I've read some online reviews and scoped out some things at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and I'm kind of liking Cuisinart. And a couple other brands. They're not cheap, but they're not as much All Clad.

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I've had my AllClad pans for 19.5 years and love them. They still look great, despite my occasional tendency to burn stuff. :-)

That set looks pretty good. I like that big saute pan. However, I'd rather have a 4 qt saucepan than 3 qt. In fact, when I bought my set at Bloomingdale's, I negotiated a swap of the included 3 qt. covered saucepan for a covered 4 qt. saucepan.

It is heavy stuff; that never bothered me until recently. I've been having some wrist pain the last few days and really notice it when I'm draining a 4 qt pot of boiled potatoes.

I did notice that same set for $699 at Sur La Table, and you also get a voucher for a big AllClad lasagna pan, a pair of oven mitts, and Marcella Hazan's book, _Essentials of Italian Cooking_. (Yum, great book! Have had that for 19.5 years as well!). Just another option.

Here is a link that might be useful: AllClad Deal at SurLaTable

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I dislike All-Clad for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the company does not honor its warranty.

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i bought a 10 piece set of COPPER CLAD all-clad and i love it. FYI: it was purchased at an all clad outlet for $600, which was (and still is) an exceptional price. i don't have any of the regular all-clad so can't really comment except to say, it would me hard for me to justify the price simply because i got the more top of the line in their product for what you would be paying.

several friends do own the stainless and i hear nothing but good things.

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Wow, thanks for all the experience sharing.

So I did place the order on All-Clad thinking that there is a W-S close to work, so I can bring the unopened box back if I change my mind after learning others' experience, but only after I order did I learn that it will not be shipped out until later. My beautiful countertop and beautiful cooktop were installed yesterday, but I don't have any induction compatible cookware!

So, I decided to try Tramonita. The Walmart I visited does not have a SS cookware set, and online says to be shipped by Dec 24. That would be too long of a wait too. So, I did not order.

Today, while visiting stone yards to search for a slab for my bar tops, I stopped by a Costco on my way (far from home), as it turned out, they had the live demo from MasterCLAD! I ended up buying a 11-pc set (three boxes combined) for $600+50(tax). Still a lot more expensive than Tramonita, but I think it'll be worth it if it's everything they claim to be.

Here is an excerpt on the product description from their website.

Each piece of Masterclad is Crafted from the very finest Commercial grade American made materials.This is a multi-layered Process featuring 5 layers in all! That's 5-Ply! Interiors and exteriors are 430 magnetic highly polished stainless steel. (Magnetic so it's approved for induction as well as any other type of stoves)This is actually double induction because the 430 Stainless steel is both inside and outside for better heat conductivity. The core is three layers .1050 A aluminum ,commercial grade 3004 aluminum,Then another layer of 1050 A aluminum, which comes all the way up the side of every vessel, for perfect even heat distribution. From the very bottom the core, all the way up to the top of the lip!

The same core is sandwiched with another layer of 430 stainless steel. Then each piece of MasterClad features the Pro Series Plus Ti-3 nonstick system.This is also made without the use of PFOA making it a more environmentally friendly green product . This revolutionary new 3-layer system is internally reinforced with ceramic and titanium.

It is the most durable nonstick system available today. It is tougher than any other nonstick system period! Approved for use with metal utensils. Cooks without fats, oils, or grease. Burned on messes wipe clean with just a paper towel! Tri-riveted, cast stainless steel stay cool handles are completely ovenproof and dishwasher safe. You are not just getting stovetop cookware; it is all bake ware as well. Comes with a full Lifetime warranty!

You can now see and purchase this fine cookware right here on our Web site!

Finally real Professional Grade cookware For Home Use!

NSF approved "the standard requirement for all commercial cookware"

"Pro-Series Plus Ti-3�" This revolutionary new 3-layer system is internally reinforced with ceramic and titanium. It is the most durable non-stick system available today. It is tougher then any other non-stick system period!

American made in Wisconsin, USA by one of America's number one manufacturer of kitchen equipment and cookware, Regal Ware World Wide built in the famous West bend factory in West bend Wi.

Completely nonstick! Cook without fats, oils or grease, saving money, calories and time!

Approved for use with metal utensils.

Lifetime warranty! Backed by a name you can trust Regal Ware World Wide!

Completely ovenproof for baking. You're not just getting stove top cookware, its bake ware as well!

Dishwasher safe (commercial dishwashers okay)!

Triple riveted "never loosen" heavy gauge, stainless steel stay cool handles for durability. Commercial grade Magnetic stainless steel (for induction)

The $600 set include:
7 Piece Cookware Set - Comes with a Full Lifetime Warrantee

12" Roaster /Casserole Pan

8" Chefs fry pan

12" Chefs fry pan

I bought the set at Mt. View, CA store. The only negative I already saw was the the lack of pouring rim in the sauce pans and pots, but I think if I like the product, I can live with that, or maybe I can try something like this:

Now, the question is which color. ;)

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