Island outlets

fav.auntx2December 4, 2012

How does one get electrical wires to the island on a slab foundation?

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Cut two grooves in floor with a wet saw about 1-1/2" apart and 1-1/4 deep, chisel out section between to make a channel. Lay in conduit, pull wires, patch over.
I bought a cheap handheld wet saw and a water attachment (under 100) and chiseled by hand for island in my showroom. Fortunately have lousy concrete so chisel wasn't too bad. If I had far to go and good crete might have rented or gotten a cheap air chisel.

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That easy, huh? Awesome. Glad to hear it's ok to lay the wire in the slab. Thanks so much :)

Bet this is the only time I hope my concrete is lousy!

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Just to be clear- conduit goes in crete, wire in conduit

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lol thanks for the clarification. I should have specified such in my comment. Thank you for your follow-up and help :) It could have been that I was intending on laying unconduited wire n the crete. I've heard stranger things!

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Not so strange, sadly. We recently took up some of the old tile in our kitchen, only to discover that the wiring to the island was just laid in the concrete. The only piece of conduit was where the wire came up from the floor into the island, and this installation was original to the house!

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An alternative method is to use a vertical stainless pole between the ceiling and the island. This is then a conduit and is usually used to hold open shelves around it. There are several manufacturers.

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