OMG.Thank you, New here! Where to begin,,,!

joliaDecember 5, 2012

I am soooo happy to have found this site. I am feeling the same anxiety about cabinets that I felt on our first trip to Disney....(i.e can I do this right..?). For Disney I had found a similar and it helped a lot so I am giddy about your site! Anyway... I am starting with the basics....The plan of the kitchen is done! I am found a KD here in MA so hopefully thats done..what I need to do is find the right cabinet,,,(sigh) and I like to do my own evaluation so I am looking for the basic points to compare (not to say that price does not matter but lets keep that out for now). What should I look for? For example- Is a plywood cabinet box from one Manuf the same as another one? Do I look for thickeness of plywood etc etc. If there is a post or some other info on your site that I can be directed to it would be great. By the way, we now love Disney and go often so my research and forums paid off, so I am a believer in "sharing". Thank you again.

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Do you have a layout from your KD that you can post here? That's usually a good place to start...

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First of all welcome. Second there are two posts you should start out reading:
First - the Sticky at the top of the front page which gives some basic info you can start with.

Second - there is a post (i believe by buehl) which gives more background that is usually on the first or second page - but may need a bump....

They lay out the "sweeby" test which helps you understand the real ways you plan to use your kitchen, help you take a hard look at your wants and needs, etc. They also give some fundamentals of the site and the link to the Finished Kitchen Blog which has lots of pictures of finished kitchens that you can look at for inspiration, etc.

Hope this helps and best of luck to you as you plan your new kitchen.

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Welcome, I don't have any input on your question but Teresa518's recommendation to read Buehl's "New to Kitchen..." post is a must. It needs bumping to keep it on the first page. It has been going for several years I believe and has been updated to stay current. The "sticky" that is at the top of the page is new, and is not as detailed. In the future I think the goal is to get the sticky as relevant at Buehl's post. Once that happens Buehl's post will be retired.

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