caesarstone in traditional kitchen

kal34December 5, 2012

I love the look of marble but I'm worried about maintenance issues b/c of our young kids. Do you think that caesarstone would work in a more traditional kitchen? I don't like the sleekness of some caesarstones I've seen but I'm wondering if there are others that would be better suited to that less uniform look I want. Would to see photos if you have any!

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I think their quartz is beautiful. Mine will be installed next week.

Here is the link. Search for cambria countertop images and you can find quite a few.

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I have just spent a lot of time looking at quartz. I am going for a somewhat more modern look, so I am choosing Caesarstone, but some of the Cambria is very nice. Quartz does not look like natural stone, but it has its own beauty, I think. Cambria Torquay is really lovely in person, and probably most closely approximates a marble look. I really liked Cambria Newport as well but discovered that I couldn't get a slab until April in my area (MA). I did not like Cambria when I saw small samples or saw photos on line, but when I saw the 12"x12" samples in person, they completely changed my opinion. In Caesarstone you could look at Misty Carrera. I have seen several installations in person and sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't depending on the slab that was used.

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Hi kal34. We have a 1920's traditional house and have Caesarstone Blizzard on the island and Caesarstone Pebble on the perimeter. I, too, wanted the new kitchen to be in keeping with the look of our traditional home. I think that there area enough other design choices such as cabinets, flooring, lighting, hardware etc., that one can still choose a material like quartz and still keep the traditional look in a home. Our kitchen was finished in August and we are very happy with our Caesarstone countertops.

Here is a pic:

Good luck!

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Kal34 - Hi! I agree with Ann. I definitely think you can have a traditional look with Caesarstone. I just ordered mine yesterday (Raven), and like you I prefer a more traditional look vs. contemporary. There are some great finished kitchens - Ann's is one of them, also May Flowers, Linelle, and Smarge - just to name a few off the top of my head.

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Thanks I am going to check out all these fabulous kitchens.

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