Sink Placement - Lesser of two evils?

blackchamoisDecember 6, 2012

Hi All,

I've selected my counters and the guy came out to template yesterday. They were supposed to be installed on 12/10 but the slab I selected (Caesarstone Raven) won't be in until 12/12. So I have some additional time to ask a few follow up questions without being in panic mode (to your relief!):)

Just to recap, I decided on an eased edge that is 1.5" thick (discussed in Part I)

Now my second question ... as you can see from my photo, the sink base is not centered under the window. This was the case prior, and due to not wanting to relocated the DW and move plumbing, in addition to the fact that my kitchen is small with few option for rearranging things, I opted to keep it the same.

The sink that I purchased is the Franke ORX110 which has an off-set bowl such that the placement of the faucet would be slightly to the right of center.

I have two options for placement of my sink:
1) Either I can center the sink on the base cabinet (which would be the most standard thing to do). But then my sink (and faucet) would not be centered on the window. Or ...
2) I can have the sink set as far right as possible on the base cabinet, thus allowing the faucet to line up (almost) centered on the window.

My cabinet guy, GC, and fabricator said option 2 would not be an issue, so that is what I told the fabricator to go with. But once again I am second guessing myself and would like your feedback since I have a bit more time. Either way, something is not going to line up. Is there a lesser of two evils?


Here is a link that might be useful: Franke ORX 110

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I've never understood a sink shape like that. I don't mean offense. I just don't get it why it's not rectangular. Is the purpose of the shape to put the faucet in the middle where the sink narrows so you have a shallower reach to the faucet? is that where you will place the faucet or will it go centered on the deepest (front to back) part of the sink?

That aside, I would rather see the faucet purposely off-center than close-yet-not-quite. Option 1 will look purposeful. Option 2 could look like a mistake. But the faucet placement in relation to the sink is a question for me.

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I'd center the sink in the cabinet. I agree with Breezy that Option 1 will look purposeful while Option 2 could end up looking like a bit of a miss. Not quite centered in the cabinet, or the window or . . . .

I'm not one of those people that needs symmetry, but I think Option 2 would look wrong.

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Breezy - Hi! No offense taken. I just liked the sink and read that others who have it like it too. I guess I didn't think about a shallower reach, but in my case that might be a good thing since not only are my legs short, but my arms too :) And, yes, that would be where I would place the faucet. I think it also helps where the faucet may otherwise be too close to the wall/backsplash/window.

Regarding the sink placement, I certainly don't want it to look like an afterthought or mistake. I've called my GC to have him tell the fabricator to "hold" while I give this more thought and hopefully get feedback from others here.

(I so wish I could have just centered everything but it really wasn't a feasible option and obviously nothing I can change now. I just will have to make the best of it.)


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Agree with breezy and poohpup that you should center it on the cabinet. You'll be putting your faucet slightly to the right of center in this sink anyway so at the end of the day it may end up looking pretty centered both ways.

I think the point of that sink is that it lets you have a deeper space (left half) than you would otherwise be able to have in a 24" counter space. Standard sinks will just be less deep all the way across to leave enough room for the faucet behind it.

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Poohpup - Hi and thank you. You're right, I don't want it to look like a "miss". Kinda like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Taggie - Hi and thanks! Good point about the sink shape. And thanks too for the confirmation of what Breezy and Pooh have stated.

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For what it's worth from a newcomer on here, centered in the cabinet gets my vote...

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ctycdm - Hi and welcome and thank you for the feedback! That the slab wasn't avaiable, I believe, was a blessing in disguise. I don't know what was going through my head -trying to make something work that just won't!

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Just in case you haven't already decided for sure, my vote is also to center in the cabinet. FWIW, my sink cabinet is also not centered on my window and the sink is centered in the cabinet. I think it looks fine and yours will too.

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I just wanted to add another thought. I hope it didn't come across like both options were bad and that the first option was the best of a bad situation. I don't think that at all. Angela is right that having your sink centered on the cabinet will look fine. Your kitchen will have symmetry as your window is centered. Right now you're in a place of over analyzing every little decision (just like we all do/did during our remodel!) so it stands out. Once your kitchen is finished, it is going to look well planned and great. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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Angela & Pooh - Thank you both! I've decided ... and definitely will center it on the cabinet. Not sure if the guy will have to come back out to re-template (I'm sure he won't be happy about that as he is 2hr drive away). But I know I would be regretting it had I gone ahead with my original plan. I appreciate the encouraging words. Gosh, I thought the home stretch would be less stressful. Boy was I wrong.

Also, just on a side note - there will be another upper cab to the left of the window. It was the wrong size so they had to take it back to be redone.

Still several things I need to finalize on. I think I will focus on pulls/knobs next! That should be easy, right???? :) HA!

Thanks again!

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Hi Deanne, I received your private message. It is kinda hard to tell from this picture, but the right edge of the sink cabinet is about 1" from the right edge of the window trim. It is about 5" from the left edge of the window trim. The sink is centered in the cabinet. My faucet is off-center to the sink (the sink bowls are 70/30) and off-center to the window. Would you like me to take a straight on or closer up picture ?

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