justme824December 12, 2013

Gearing up for our big downstairs remodel to start on January 5th (woohoo!!!) and trying to get some details ironed out.

I'm in love with banquette seating, but I'm thinking it might not work for my dining area, which is totally bumming me out. Or maybe, with a little bit of vision I can figure something out (hopefully!).

Basically our dining area is open to a long hallway on one side. I attached a (horrible) photo looking in from this hallway (please excuse the mess). So looking in from that area there is three windows across the way on a slight curve. This would be the ideal spot I'd think, with the deep bench at the middle of the set of windows, right where the table would be, and then the bench tapering out in depth to make it a straight line across from the front - make sense? The middle of the bench would have a seat 20-22-inches at it's deepest, so plenty deep enough for sitting at a table and I could easily get 2, if not 3, people there.

My question is, would it look weird to do this and have our table pushed back in the room for no other reason than to have the bench seating? I think the bench seat would look awesome given the shape of the wall along the windows, but not so sure about pushing the table back and not having it centered in the room. The table above is pushed back to about where the table would be for a bench seat. The new table is a 60-inch fixed round table so it will come out to where the table leg marks are on the floor (there is a one just above and slightly right of the book) (and the floor is out of here to be replaced with wood all downstairs - so the fact that the carpet won't break the room off from the hallway like it does now might make it work?).

My other idea if I can't make a bench style seat work would be to get a custom bench seat from Ballard Designs Conventry collection to just push up to the table. I'm really after some fun seating in this room and that might fit the bill. Our table is a fixed 60-inch round table, which will fit beautifully in the room since it is pretty much square in shape. If I went the bench seat route what sizes would you get (they have 48, 36, & 20) and how many? I'd like to also add a few regular chairs. I was kind of thinking two 20's and then three regular chairs. But I'd prefer something that would fit two people at least, and be able to get 6 people around the table without having to search out other chairs. Man, what I'd love, love is to be able to find a bench seat similar to Ballards Conventry collection with a curve to go better at a round table, but I'm not having any luck at all.

I did find this on that sounds like it would work good, but I don't want beige of any kind (we are moving away from all brown colors so I'm looking for grey). There was the same one on ebay in graphite for just a bit more. Hmmm...

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm so very excited to finally make this home ours after 7-years of not-so-patiently waiting.

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I'm having trouble envisioning everything you described, especially since we can't see the other side of the room.

I have a banquette (from BD, in fact) and really like it. However, part of the reason for choosing it was to maximize space in an EIK. I don't perceive you have space issues, but you really love the look and want to do it in your regular DR. I do think it may feel odd to have the table off center in the room, but it really depends on what the rest of the dining room looks like.

I think you are on the right track with the curved banquette seating. These are much easier to get in and out of, and you can actually center it in the space. (Finding a 60" round table curve may be more rare, btw) Don't forget to check custom furniture sources in your area; there are firms that do restaurants that make these things quite commonly. I ran through the gamut in looking at these.

Here's a nice example from Mitchell Gold & BW. It's pricey, but I love their stuff. Their fabric choices are great as well.

Traditional Dining Room by Taylorsville Furniture & Accessories Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

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How about a window seat to fit the curve, with a dining table and chairs centered in the room? When you need more seating, add leaves to the table and have one end go to the window seat. A cozy way to seat more people...otherwise great space to curl up and read a book, while others use laptops at table :)

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Thanks for the feedback.

This is our dining room area, but will be casual, not formal, as it is the only place we eat since the layout doesn't lend itself to a smaller table in the kitchen area without being too cramped.

The other side just opens to a hallway - no walls or anything at all. I'll try and take a few more photos and post them to help give a better idea.

That photo above is exactly the look I am going for.

As for the 60" round table it is being custom built for us (but they can't build the kind of seating I want so I am exploring other options).

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