Show me your 45 degree corner cabinets please.

sc_kathycDecember 22, 2009

My cabinet maker has suggested that we use a 45 degree corner cabinet instead of the traditional 90 degree. Though I have seen this many times for the upper cabinets I am not sure how I feel about it for the lower cabinets.

His reasoning is that we can fit a full lazy susan in there if we do this. I had rather have no lazy susan than not like the look.

If you have this on your lower cabinets will you please share pictures. I need to let him know in the next day or so if I do not want this.

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My last kitchen had two 45 degree corner cabinets and I really loved them. The first pic below shows that kitchen. The corner to the right of the sink housed a lazy susan, which I found very useful. I especially liked the huge amount of counter workspace that angle produces. The 45 at the left end of the window run (under the junk on the counter!) housed a three-can recycling unit -- also very useful.

My new kitchen (second pic) has the same setup in the prep space except that I now have a garage there. It hides my stand mixer, blender, regular size and small food processers, and paper towel stand -- plus odds and ends. We put a quad outlet in the back wall so those things are plugged in all the time. I just pull them forward to use them, and push back when done. The pic isn't the greatest, but does sorta show the corner.

I really like having had a 45 corner to work in -- I'd NEVER go back to a 90 degree!!

Old kitchen

New kitchen

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DH wanted angled cabs on both the uppers and the lowers. I did not want them on the lowers. He won (as usual). Now they are in, and I have to admit I do like the way it looks. And the Kraftmaid lazy susans are very nice!

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hosta, I absolutely LOVE your current kitchen --especially your cabinets. What finish is that & what style cabinet? Ours will be custom made, yours are just what I've been looking for though. I would love to see a close up of your finish if you ever have a few minutes to post one.

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I have neither at the moment--have a galley kitchen now. But I did have a 90 degree in my last place and it was so annoying. Not very useful--too much wasted, unusable space.

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I have two 45 degree base cabinets, but no susan, lazy or otherwise. They are so useful and store a ton of stuff. These cabinets add a lot of extra counter space on top - it's my favorite workspace.

Here is a link that might be useful: inside of base cabinets.

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stayn2busy: Thanks so much!! I'm really loving the kitchen more every day.

My cabinets are made by Shiloh. The style is Oxford -- Polar finish, Pewter glaze, and light distressing. The island is the same style but Charcoal finish and no glaze.

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THANKS Hosta for posting a closeup pic! That is exactly what I want--- I love the distressed look, could not see your island that well....but I'm sure it's just as stunning. Again, a very beautiful kitchen! Thanks for sharing!!

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Hosta, I really love your new kitchen! And the little guy in the old kitchen too! What a little cutie!

In my old house I have a 90 degree angle with a lazy susan but I think I like the look of this better. Because it's different and does seem to give you more counter space.

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I also have (and planned for) a 45 degree upper and lower cab but did not put in a lazy susan--I don't like them.

I went with a custom cab. maker and he was able to build a 4 drawer base cabinet and I love it! you wouldn't believe how much it stores because it is so much deeper than the standard depth drawers--the drawers go on forever!

That corner is my baking area and as an added plus, I can store stuff on top of the counter (think baking canisters, decorative stuff), never move them and still have plenty of room to work.

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kandt, I would love to see your corner drawers. I had decided to do mostly base drawers anyway. If you get a chance to post a pic, I'd appreciate it.

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will have to wait after Christmas--my son has the only camera in the fam!

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Are base cabinets are similar to squigas and natesgramma in that we have a two tiered carousel and a single door rather than a hinged 2 door cabinet. Our upper right aslo has a carousel but the upper left has three glass shelves

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Wow, thanks for posting the pictures. I must say I like all of the ones that you have shared. I think that I will go for it!

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Either style corner cabinet is better than a blind corner, but a 45° is best done with a solid surface countertop. Laminate counters and 45° cabinets leave you with with the flat square edge or the beveled edge. Both are usually more money and end up costing not that much less than granite. So, if you're on a budget, stick with 90° corners.

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This kitchen started out with laminate countertops and the edge was not square, it was angled just the way the granite countertop is. In any case I really like having one door, not a bi-fold to access the lazy susans in the lower cupboard. Lazy susans are a full 350 degrees and have sturdy ball bearings, looks identical to the ones natesgramma posted.

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How much space does the 45 degree base cab take on either side? TIA!

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Another work-in-progress . . .

Ikea corner base cabinet in Abstrakt white, $286 USD (under-cabinet beverage refrigerator will go in the space to the right.)

Ikea wire-frame carousel included (they make a better one now with a solid shelf). These things hold a lot of stuff!

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Here's mine - it's the same on the lower cabinet too.

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