Suggestions for Kitchen Faucets Under 9" Tall

Melissa-KitchenDecember 27, 2012

Our California shutters cannot open unless the faucet is under 9" tall. I went to four places and found only two options under 9" tall and neither were very nice. I had one installed Christmas Eve and it's leaking already. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good faucet? I bought a Moen and besides the leaking, it cut my water pressure in half. I am not impressed but it was Chistmas Eve and I couldn't do a special order and go over the holidays without water.

It has to be a single hole faucet. I just had my granite installed on Sunday and I would rather not add any other holes.

Thanks is advance for any suggestions!

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Kohler Karbon deck mount would work but you might need to drill a second hole.

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when i was looking for a lower faucet for my prep island, there were many single hole options. you might want to look at prep faucets. many of them have the same functionality as a main sink faucet.
i am not sure what style faucet you like, but i got the kohler purist for my prep sink. mine is not installed yet so i canot tell you if i like the functionality, but if i recall, it is less than 9" high.

Here is a link that might be useful: kohler faucet

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"it cut my water pressure in half"

Most likely any new faucet you buy will do this as they all come with the low flow water saver washer installed. You can remove this washer to increase the water pressure.

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We have been very happy with this single lever one hole faucet, since about 2006. It comes in many finishes.
After about 5 years it started leaking at the swivel joint.
The faucet did not leak when shut off.
The company was very responsive both on the telephone and emails, but after sending a new cartridge (which did not fix the "Swivel leak") They replaced the faucet, (free of charge)!
Great Customer service!!!

Here's the company information:

Sigma Single Lever Kitchen Faucet - 1.3695020

Replacement cartridge: 18.07.144

American Faucet and Coatings Corporation
3280 Corporate View
Vista, California 92081

Customer Service:1-760-598-5895
Toll Free Fax at: 1-800-621-8383

Here is a picture of the faucet (Ours is Antique Copper) but it comes in many finishes. The faucet is just under 8 inches tall, alto the lever (which is in front) is about 10 inches high.

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My Kohler Forte is less than 9" closest to the wall, although the handle curves upward toward you another couple inches.

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