Please review kitchen cabinet plan!

leennpDecember 19, 2013

I received these layouts from the KD and wanted some feedback on what might need tweaking a little before final order submission. Will try to post the front elevations so can see the design a little better.

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front view

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The above is the wall I am most concerned about, wondering about layout with prep space. As you can see from the floor plan, really don't have room for island, so prep will need to happen on this wall. Thinking maybe should eliminate one pantry cabinet? Maybe have single larger cabinet and then shift wall oven down. The prep sink is breaking up the prep space, but not sure about shifting down , meaning can't have microwave above prep sink? what about changing the cabinet space to right of range top? Meaning moving range top over to the right a foot, add a foot to left, but this changes the symmetry the look currently has.

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Well I was hoping for a few suggestions. Makes me nervous to pull the trigger on the order!

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It is too small to see. Cannot read anything. Good luck in figuring out how to repost.

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Do you need the storage above the sink? I would put a nice backsplash mural there with a spot light on it and maybe a niche under that for a small flower vase or starfish or whatever speaks to you.

Also the tall cabinets on left feel heavy to me and uncreative. If you need all that closet, maybe use glass in the top most left and top most right upper cabinets to lighten it up a bit.

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Is this two rooms that you are trying to make into one space? The flow is off, and it doesn't utilize space well.

Do a more readable measured drawing of the space with the adjacent rooms labeled. And indicate what can change, like doorways, windows, plumbing, etc. What's there isn't working hard enough to invest in a new kitchen. You've got some kinks to work out.

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Yes this was two rooms made into one, a kitchen and breakfast area made into one kitchen. We did not need two eating areas right next to each other. Sorry, did not realize people could not see, enlarges on my screen (mac). That is the drawing from the kitchen designer, have no idea how to repost as a more readable drawing. This is a remodel, not a new build, so the big elephant in the design is the huge brick masonry fireplace between the kitchen and great room, and that can't be moved, we opened up both sides of fireplace, but that is as open as can get. And yes, after staring at the layout all day, I agree about the upper cabinets on the main sink run, look wrong to have upper on one side of window and not on other, so we are eliminated the upper on the sink wall and making the window a 6 foot window over the sink. Dish storage will be on a tall cabinet just across from the dishwasher.

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Remove upper cabinets in primary prep area.

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Given your large kitchen space, I would suggest adding in a walk-in or reach-in pantry instead of pantry cabinets. It will not only cost less, but allow you greater flexibility in what you can store there.

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Can't read the dimensions, but I think I remember your kitchen. Did you consider a peninsula?

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The room dimension basically are 34 by 12, the 12 being the reason we felt an island would not really fit. The peninsula with prep sink is interesting, but not sure how it would seem to come in the main entry from parking area to open door and peninsula would be right in front of you when you walk in. Originally the double ovens were on that end of cabinetry run and we were thinking of moving to other end so entry way was not so solid a site line when you walked in. Especially since no one seems to come to front door of this house, they have all come to kitchen door. The other door to the right of the long cabinet run is for the hallway for laundry room, 1/2 bath and also bedroom and TV area for kids. The range top run of cabinets is approximately 29 ft before the run stops due to hallway. I attached the old hand drawn layout I was playing with before going down the kitchen design route. I did not give it to the designer, but the layout they came up with is remarkably similar. I think since we are using very large appliances they seem to only fit in one place, as the range top can not go under the 6 ft window, also can't go behind fireplace as then would have no prep space next to range top. We also had to eliminate the reach in pantry cabinet seen in the hand drawn diagram due to the electrical panel location.

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Why are you trying to make it a single room? That strategy isn't working. It's too long and narrow for that. Keep it two rooms and make the breakfast area into maybe a lounge or other purpose rather than have so much wasted space and an awkward layout.

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Well I guess we are making it one big room because otherwise it would be a 12 x 15 room otherwise and would seem like we were trying to fit a kitchen in a bedroom. My husband, I and son are ofter all in kitchen working at the same time. We did not need an eating area next to another eating area, looked wrong to us that they were right next to each other. Also did not need another lounge area, have a great room right there, kids have their own lounge area and have another game/tv room so that seemed like would waste space too. We considered building a false wall behind the fridge freezer to close the 8 ft center isle, but that seemed wrong when we mocked that up, seemed closed in. We currently have a galley kitchen with 6 ft center isle, so this just seemed a little wider, not really wasted. What

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I'd try to find another place for the MW or consider a smaller size MW or MW drawers. I wouldn't mind prepping with uppers, but MW cab so close to prep sink would trouble me. If you can't change the MW, consider a smaller cab on the right of the cooktop and smaller pantry and add those inches b/w the prep sink and MW.

On the main sink wall, if you'll resize the window maybe you can move the cab b/w the DW and the sink to the other side of the sink. Since that sink seems quite big, I think that would give you a secondary prep space.

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Thanks for comments so far. I agree the microwave space seems odd or out of place, Was considering downsizing to smaller microwave and place on built in shelf next to fridge/freezer. We don't use the microwave very much and have a smaller one now, so may not need the larger built in model. There is somewhat of problem with moving the window down in the wall over the main sink, due the the exterior brick and way brickwork was done, that is where idea came from to eliminate the upper cabinets on that wall entirely and start the window at same spot but make window longer, would also let more light into space. If changed to microwave drawer, where would you put that?

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I don't use the MW much, but somewhere near the fridge and plates would be good imo.

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By the way, I read the measurements wrong when I tried to tell you want the range top wall was since many could not read measurements, the overall room dimensions were 28 x 12, not the 34 I had written above, so with the cased opening and trim with a little setback before first cabinet, the range top cabinet run is about 23 ft

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