Things I can look forward to when the new kitchen is done

gwloloDecember 17, 2012

Tell me things that were wonderful when the kitchen was done. My remodel is dragging on and I need to recharge my hope and lift my spirits. It is cold and raining and I really thought I would be in the house and all done with remodel by now.. Just so bummed that it is still several weeks away.

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Well, for me it was a 1000% improvement in layout and flow, 30% more useable counterspace, 50% more cabinet space, vastly improved lighting, a FD fridge and a Bluestar 36" range.

I know it can be terribly frustrating but it'll be worth the wait.

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For me a bit simpler on my modest remodel - a DW which I never had before and an L-shaped countertop. I only had 20 inches of working countertop in my old kitchen. More than 3 kitchen cabinets and a sink that I could lay a cookie sheet flat to clean! All the bumps in the road, it is so worth it in the end! I liked cooking before but I really enjoy it now! Good luck to you.

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Oh yeah!!

I understand..... I finally got lights....I have been operating on UCL and a table lamp, even though the kitchen was great, it was getting harder and harder to see. Now if I can just get the hood installed!!

I understand about dragging on.... I THOUGHT hiring a GC would keep this from happening...but it didn't. We are finishing it ourselves.

Good luck! It will be great when it is done!


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A kitchen that actually looks clean after you clean it.
Counters that can be cleared.
Cabinets that open and nothing falls on your head.
Clean appliances- my stove never came clean

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Cooking being fun again.
Even clean up is fun when you are wiping beautiful countertops.
A sink with a spray!
Light, so much light.

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Thanks for painting a picture of how it shall be. I really miss space to move, spread out, and cook a few things at the same time.. And entertaining.. I miss not having friends and family over.. I look at a new recipe and want to make it for a group of people I know will enjoy the dish. I miss all of my favorite cookware that is packed away. I am so far away from even ABB .. I know I need to hang in there and not lose my patience over the details.

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"I really miss space to move, spread out, and cook a few things at the same time.. And entertaining.. I miss not having friends and family over.. I look at a new recipe and want to make it for a group of people I know will enjoy the dish. I miss all of my favorite cookware that is packed away."


My children can't wait for when we can schedule playdates at our house again.

I'd like to be able to not have to research another thing (but that will never happen. Because after the kitchen is finished, I still have the diningroom then familyroom, then the new patio for the new familyroom exit, then driveway lighting for the new switch we installed, then the new room, which leads to the new masterbedroom/bath, oh, my head.)

I have to say, I LOVE my job right now. I work for a wine boutique (with great employee discounts!!!) So ever helpful, my vino friend.


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one of the "Things I can look forward to when the new kitchen is done"..... a good, stiff drink

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My son left for college before our remodel was done. Before he left he said, "I can't believe this is how I will remember my home!" (Nice guilt trip for mom!)
When he came home for Thanksgiving his job dropped as he entered the kitchen, "Wow, this is amazing!" - Made it all worth while. :)

Our reno lasted for months and months. I questioned whether I was even going to like it when it was done. Now I can barely remember the stress, sleepless nights, worry,...

We entertain again, LOVE to cook, and can finally go out of town (couldn't ask someone to come over to stay with the dog when there is no functioning kitchen.) I even enjoy cleaning the kitchen.

Be patient, it's just around the corner. :)

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It is a long road, but worth it. The morning after our countertops were installed, my fantasy came true. You see before the remodel I had to prep with my back to my boys. Cooking breakfast and packing lunchboxes was my least favorite time because we needed to strategize the day and connect over breakfast but I had my back to them. So after the countertops were put in, and my first bleary eyed boy stumbled down the stairs for breakfast, when he just naturally plopped himself at the island where I was set up to make lunchboxes, I was jubilant.
On the more functional side, I can pack those lunchboxes without leaving my spot. I have a drawer with the lunch boxes, thermoses, and all the containers I use for their lunches. The wraps that used to hang on the wall in the pantry are right there too, as is the bread, the cutting board, the knives. I only need to go to the fridge and maybe the pantry for some dried good. Hooray.
My new sink and faucet absolutely rock. Paint doesn't chip off the cupboards when I touch them, and the countertops- oh they are so beautiful I could wipe them down all day and just gaze at the way the colors change and swirl.
So, hang in there, you can do it.

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(localeater- I agree it is so much easier to make lunches with all you need in one spot. I loved your story, the simple things like that are what we appreciate not the showroom)

We GC'd ourselves. It was a slow, frustrating renovation. I sympathize with you but you will forget all the bad stuff once you get the sink installed :) YES THE SINK. I was so sick of washing the dishes in the bathtub but I could not bring myself to eat take out. Having a sink again made me optimistic that the rest would get done and very very appreciative. In fact I cared about little else as long as I had a sink!!!(I kept my gas range so cooking wasn't a problem)
other things that are wonderful:
More lighting !!!! 4 pendants, UCL, bright florescent cove lighting(yeah I know the temps don't match but I need light man!)
More countertop !!!! I tripled the counter space just by adding 7ft. which also means I doubled the cabinet space.
Oh and the countertops give the whole room(kitchen is open to the sitting room) such a warm, inviting look. They were a big expenditure for me but I am so glad I waited for them. The quarry stopped producing and this variety was scarce.
*A small open wall PANTRY and an open cupboard !!! SO HANDY. I can see what I need to buy without rooting and tearing through bottom cupboards on my knees. I never had any kind of pantry before.
*I moved the sink a few inches so I'm not plastered against the exterior wall anymore. LARGE SINK !!! There is no more water splashing on the counter and I can fit everything I own in it and I mean everything I own.
*More refrigerator storage. I bought a 30" fridge but because of it's design it has so much more space inside. Also a new under counter refrigerator provides excellent storage for extra vegetables, herring and miso. I tend to overbuy vegetables at the Farmer's market as I've never met a vegetable(or fruit) I didn't like. Having this under counter fridge makes my life so much easier. In my next kitchen I will have a full size glass refrigerator/freezer. I didn't have room for it this time.
*DRAWERS-I only have 2- 27" & 1--15" drawer bases but what a difference from the dreaded half shelf in the bottom cabinet.
GLASS CABINETS--I love glass as it keeps the space open and cheerful.

Just think in a few weeks you'll be making soup in your remodeled house and giving advice to others on GW !!


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