Dishwasher leaked, so now I get a new floor!

laurmelaDecember 11, 2010

Long story short, we purchase a Kenmore Elite almost 2 years ago. In October noticed that laminate floors were buckling in front of dishwasher. After 4 service calls they finally decided to replace dishwasher and we are working on the floor issue.

We have a real small galley kitchen. Below is the link to the FKB from when we redid it 2005. We have laminate floors throughout the whole downstairs. Here lies the problem. They don't make the floors anymore, they were laid in 2003. So we are thinking maybe they can just rip out the kitchen and we can lay some nice large tile on a 45 degree angle. Wouldn't take much tile. Now I just have to decide on the tile. DH picked out something that is real similar to the wood floor color. I am sort of thinking we need more contrast. I will have to take pics to show you all.

Moral of the story, make sure you buy a warranty when ever you purchase an appliance. Totally worth it!

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen from 2005

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Good thing the leak did not happen to your ceiling! I love that and your backsplash the most. ;)

I would coordinate the floor with your bs. Not try for an exact match, but use that for inspiration.
Good luck!

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Here are a few pics of the tile. One light and one darker.

This is the darker one, I am leaning towards that today.

This is the lighter one, I was leaning towards that on Sunday. They will be on a 45' angle.

Going to HD to see what else is out there.

By the way, here is a pic of the new dishwasher!

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i wouldn't draw any conclusion about the extent of coverage of any warranty.

Bad news about your leak. Let's hope that dishwashers will soon be made with leak sensors, leak pans, and that the pan will also catch leaks that might occur at the connection point where the supply pipes and their fittings come together.

I have a DW with a leak pan, but the pan was not made to go under the brass "nipple" where the flexible supply hose is connected to it. The fittings are positioned in such a way that drips would ruin a floor. Somebody had a good idea and only partially implemented it... Oh, well, better luck next time.

Those of us who have worked in insurance know what warrantees may or may not be. Let no-one lead us to believe that a warranty would help you when a DW causes a rotten floor. I wouldn't draw any conclusion about the extent of coverage of any warranty, unless I saw the specific warranty (each one can be different from a friend's warranty or a previously-seen warranty from the same issuer), and unless I analyzed it for a long long time. All warrantees are designed to be a source of profit, not a good samaritan service. The profit is real, significant, and substantial. Coverage is limited.


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Fori is not pleased

I agree with using that nice backsplash as inspiration. Looks like you are--I like the darker tile a lot! it appropriate to say congratulations? :) I think it'll look great.

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Well I am happy I got a new dishwasher! They gave us a $1600 allowance for a new one! More than I expected. They have been real cordial and I have not had any issues. The last thing the gal said was get me your estimates on the floor and we will see what we can do. They asked for 2 estimates. When they replaced the dishwasher today I took more pics. There was also damage to the side of the cabinet. The defect was in the drum of the dishwasher where it was supposed to be flush it wasn't on the right side, it was pulled away. This was behind the rubber door gasket, so not to be seen until you replace the gasket. There was also water and/or steam damage on the other cabinet on the other side as well. After 4 service calls and a new dishwasher, I think our $150 purchase of the warranty was totally worth it!

I think we are going to decide on the darker tile. So now the question is when can you get it done?

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Ok finally heard from insurance today, we just need to sign the release and they will send a ck for the estimate from Lowes. It is just removing the old laminate in the kitchen and replacing with the Canyon Slate 18x18 tiles on a 45 degree. Now I have to decide what to do about the transition. Should I use t molding or maybe a border of some sort. Here are a few pics of my small kitchen.

This is looking towards the family room.

this is looking towards the dining room.

As you can see it is small. I really don't want a transition that is raised.



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Fori is not pleased

I think the tile will be a little higher than the laminate so maybe just a low threshhold would work--I'd just pick one up at Lowe's in oak and stain it to match the laminate.

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Sorry about the leak

If they are replacing the flooring, the way insurance liability works- if there is NO transition then they are responsible to replace ALL flooring up to any transition.
Please don't sign the release until you are fully satisfied.

good luck

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Yeah I know, this was our decision. Since they don't make the laminate we currently have anymore, it would have been a real pain to completely redo the whole downstairs floor. While I would have loved a new floor, just didn't want the hassle. This way the kitchen has tile and I will never have to worry about a leak again. Now I just have to get them here to do it. It is only 87 sq ft, but the fact that they have to move appliances, oy. Why does it have to be so complicated.

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I don't want to be a naysayer - but hope you are informed properly
Don't be fooled - tile is NOT waterproof! - & especially grout is not waterproof. In a "wet" application like, shower floor there is a membrane, and special grout that provides water proofing since tile is not.

Have you ever seen a gutted tile bathroom with black moldy sub flooring

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Well today is the day I am getting my new floor. When they tore out the laminate we found mold under the underlayment. The laminate floor didn't go completely under the dishwasher, so when it leaked, it leaked to the cement and under the plastic.

That was cleaned up and now they are tiling. I love how it is turning out.

They will let it set tonight and come back tomorrow to put the appliances back and seal the grout.

jejvtr, I know tile is not waterproof, we had a shower leak cause the builder applied the tile directly to drywall! All of my showers have now been redone and floated. By putting in tile, it does provide a much better environment for a kitchen. I hope I will never have another leak again, but at least this way it shouldn't ruin the floor!

I will post pics when it is done.


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Fori is not pleased

That tile looks really good in there!

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My floor is done! And I love it!

Now I just need to find me some new rugs!

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