Granite vs cabinet trouble- any ideas?

luckymomDecember 12, 2012

Quick background- water leak in kitchen in Sept. Damage covered by insurance about $10k- found additional issues and had to replace counter (YEAH! but not covered by insurance). Just had installed new stove & fridge earlier in year. Ended up needing only 1 new base cabinet for sink- of course it was an odd size and had to be custom- found the cabinet maker thru the granite fabricator, in fact. He was excellent. Decided to put in new range hood, add a microwave drawer- so needed an additional cabinet where we had a small 24" x 24" peninsula.

I needed a piece that was at least 135" long so I wouldn't need a seam on the one side of the kitchen. That in itself was a cballange. We found 1 piece we liked.

Templater came and layed out the kitchen. Told him about the cabinet replacing the peninsula. When I said I wanted a square corner on the end cabinet- he insisted on radius. First 6", then when I reminded him about the cabinet (not in yet) he changed it to 3". Showed me a tiny bump off the corner- barely noticible. We even went in and did the layout - I questioned that corner again, even showed them what I wanted on their desk. Girl double checked- said it was 3" radius.

Got the cabinet installed, built to the exact specs for the micrwave drawer. Looked great. The cabinet maker does wonderful work. Microwave installed. PERFECT! Then the granite. That stupid 3" radius- that I didn't want- exposed about 1" of the top edge of the cabinet on the back side. 3" is not a tiny bump- it's a freakin round corner. The fabricator sent out their own cabinet guy who rebuilt the cabinet (not nearly as nice as before). It helped, but you can still feel the edge of the cabinet, but it's not really noticable to the eye.

DH kept going on about how much he loved the granite- so we're going to live with it. Just need some idea how to cove the corner that shows into the great room and doesn't look cobbled together. There's no more of the granite left to use (thought of building out the wall and adding a piece of that granite on top.) I really don't want more wall anyway. Any ideas? I'll try and add a photo...

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I am so sorry for your trouble, what an irritating situation. Can you post a picture from the great room perspectice and another showing the width of the wall that abuts the troublesome cabinet?
I think that might get the creative juices flowing.

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Hi, I can kinda see what you are talking about. Beautiful granite BTW. Do you know what type of back splash you are putting up, if any? I'm thinking a pony wall maybe 8-12 inches above granite and continue backsplash material along it. It would be a continuation of the wall exposed to the familyroom now, but still open to the room.

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From that angle, it looks like there is an overhang on the front and end, but the back is flush. I think the pony wall might be a good solution.

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I too was thinking a pony wall might work. I'd top it with a nice piece of wood or paint it to match the room trim. That way, you won't need any more granite. You might even be able to have an outlet wired into the backsplash to increase how the counter can be used.

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Does this help? The post has to stay (load bearing- plus has all sorts of wiring). The light switch for kitchen and dining room are on the hidden side of the pony wall and according to DH can't be moved. I'm afraid any additional wall would become a crumb catcher for the curve edge on the counter...

No clue on the tile I want yet for backsplash- everything I've seen I like is $$$, so I'm not really wanting to add more wall. I've gone so far over the insurance already- sort of moved into the whole house needing updating realm (new carpet in all bedrooms, redoing office back to bedroom, new furniture- ended up getting a new dw- idoits who did the water restoration broke my old Miele and refuse to pay- offered a whole $90. The service call alone is $150. I'll deal with them later)

Since I have no idea how to post more than one photo at a time, I'll add a close up of the corner in my next post.

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Here's the actual corner- awful glue job isn't it?

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