Countertop help for new kitchen construction

chloenkittyDecember 14, 2013

I have attached a picture of the inspiration kitchen for the home we are building. The floors will be a wide plank hickory (a medium color) the backsplash is a pale blue iridescent milk glass and the countertop is white princess quartzite (which I realize has several different names)

I am trying to watch the spending but the backsplash is pricey and I don't even know yet what quartzite costs (please post if you do) although I'm sure it's also high. anyway, I don't have to have quartzite, but I like this look with the white cabinets and backsplash, so it needs to be a white stone with subtle gray or subtle tan through it. I don't want anything with a lot of movement or too busy. I live in northeast pa and there are no stone yards close so unfortunately I'm going to have to go out of town (ugh) to look at slabs. If anyone has suggestions on what else they think would look nice for countertops in this kitchen, please let me know.mi have attached a pic of the inspiration kitchen. Thanks so much

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You have chosen a spectacular inspiration photo....that almost feels like half the work. I recognize this one from Houzz because of the distinctive blue sink . We did quartzite and it was pretty pricey even with a very plain edge...I want to say about 75.00-80.00/sq foot but I could be off. I was counseled to select the backsplash after the counter because the backsplash was like the final accessory. To cut back on spending, you might want to consider a honed Carrera marble which in the New York area could run in the 30's / square foot. Of course, that has a grey undertone but still has very pretty veining.

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I think you will want to read through threads on testing and selecting slabs. Especially since you will have to travel.
Get a little glass tile or two, and think about taking something to test staining.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marble, quartzite

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"I was counseled to select the backsplash after the counter because the backsplash was like the final accessory."

This is excellent advice. You want to select those items with the least selection (appliance finish) to the greatest (wall color) so your choices are always getting larger, not smaller.

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Well this case was pretty easy since I selected the entire kitchen lol

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Gorgeous inspiration. You should also look at some of the (man made) quartz options out there. I'm not certain on pricing, but I think there are a handful of options that have a similar look. That picture looks to me like marble, but I'm not an expert so perhaps it could be quartzite.

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For granite, there is a stone called River White (I am sure it must have other names) that has subtle linear green/grey/tan veining -- but it also tends to have bits of garnet too, in some slabs just a little and in others quite a lot. That may be a drawback; also I believe that this is one of the more porous granites. But, it is beautiful!

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We're looking at using a new material that is more indestructible then solid stones called Neolith. I saw one IRL and it looks exactly like Calcutta Marble for much less.

I'm still waiting to here back on an estimate. The calcutta marble that was the closest to the Neolith was rated in the special exotic price range where the salesperson said the Neolith "marble" will be a 4 or 5.

Here is a link that might be useful: All I Can Say About Neolith is WOW

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