Pot filler

aanjDecember 30, 2012

My home is 1.5 yrs old. It has no backsplash yet.

I am thinking about getting a pot filler before I get a backsplash installed.

Can I do that at this point or is it too late?

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Sophie Wheeler

Can you rip off the drywall and run water to that location from a basement or attic? It won't be cheap. And it's a doodad that doesn't see a lot of use beyond the initial novelty stage. Some municipalities also prohibit them because there is no drain below, so check with yours to see if it's one of them.

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The basement is unfinished, I called a plumber just now, he states he can do it.
There will be some drywall repair needed but we will put a backsplash over anyway.

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I too wanted a potfiller in my new kitchen. THen I worried that what if I started to fill a pot, walked away and forgot to turn the water off.
No pot filler for me - I get distracted too easily.
I have had the laundry tub overfill a few times - the phone rang, or I was filling it and then started doing something else while I was waiting. What a MESS>....

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I had a very small kitchen and used my pot filler *every day* when I lived in New Orleans. It surely was a luxury doo-dad, but to just run a small stream of water into the gumbo pot? Heaven. And on non gumbo days, I used it to fill the coffee pot, etc. That said, I didn't put one in my new kitchen because it is two straight runs rathern than the old U shape I had before. It seemed odd to have one immediately next to my prep sink tap this time. My mother-in-law did overfill a pot once, which was a pain...took a day or so to dry out that burner enough for it to relight.

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