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gigibozoDecember 3, 2012

I posted this under my original post from June, but thought I better repost it by itself.

Hi all,

The exterior of the house is 95% finished and we are starting to work on the interior. We have signed on with a KD who we really like and are planning on starting the kitchen sooner than we thought. The KD came up with this initial plan for our price proposal based off of the architect's rough drawing. We do know that the sink wall measures 7" longer than what he has here. The rest looks pretty accurate and they are coming out to measure later this week.

Without the extra 7", there is 42" between the island and the sink and 36" on the other sides of the island. A couple of thoughts I already have: We would only have one wall oven with the microwave above it. I think the dw needs to be on the left side of the sink, although the designer said that it was a toss-up because of the proximity to the refrigerator. The question becomes, then, if I am prepping food on the right side of the sink, where should the trash pullout go. Seems like it would be in my way. Also wondering how best to use the extra 7". I would really like a farmhouse sink and it could certainly be used for that with a wider sink base.

The island has two options right now. One with counter top and a open shelf underneath and one with some cabinetry. My husband would like to do the second option with a bookcase on the end instead of a stool. He would also like to make the island a few inches wider. I like a more open look and am thinking maybe the first option might work with a row of drawers (horizontally) below the counter.

Some other changes since my initial post: We found space for the laundry up on the second floor, so we now have room for a pantry either in that space or where the closet was planned. The opening to the dining room will be a little expanded on the left to widen that traffic area. Also we are moving the door to the half bath over a little so we can have a proper small sink there.

Hopefully the plan is readable once I post it. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Original post

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I can't read anything on your layout. When I click on it it gets smaller.

Is there anyway you can make it darker? The words being in green are not helping.

You say the layout is off by 7", can you fix that on the diagram so it is accurate?

I think you will get responses once people can read your diagram.

Good luck with your kitchen!

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Thanks for letting me know. I have labeled everything darker as the KD has it. Please see my comments above to how I am currently looking at things.

The island design we are thinking of would be something like this, though obviously much smaller.

I didn't change the window wall measurement, but it is 155". So the 36" aisles could be wider and/or the island could be wider. Also I could get the farm sink or is there a better way to use the 7"?

Someone please let me know if this still can't be read. I am tech-challenged.

Off to make Christmas Toffee. I'll check in later and hope for some advice. Thanks in advance!

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Here's the island idea

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My concern is your aislewidths. While technically you say your widths are 36" in practise they won't be. My counter overhangs are 25 1/2" and while you have stated 25" on one side, on your island you haven't mentioned any overhangs. You call it 24" wide but with overhangs you are out to 26" and so now your aislewidths are 35" on each side

Counter depth fridges while "technically" are 24" deep when you add in the door allowance and handles mine is 29" deep and now your aisles widths is 30" (35-5) for ease of walking. The same thing will be true on the other side with your wall ovens and their handles - another aisle width of 30".

My other concern is with sisle widths of only 34"(say) without handles, how comfortable is that for opening fridge doors and oven doors while taking things out of them.

I'm just pointing out a big concern of mine - but you have to decide if you can live with it.

Where are you planning on prepping? If on the island then I guess everything is fine. I would probably prep between the sink and the range and in that case I would switch the trash -pullout and the DW and also switch the fridge and wall ovens. By switching the fridge and wall ovens you're not walking back and forth across the kitchen to get things out of the fridge but rather just along the counter. For the ovens you can set up the other corner for baking with your mixer, I don't have double ovens but it seems to me that there are configurations that can include your MW in the stack as well. Maybe someone else can address that.

By switching the DW and trash, the trash is right beside you while prepping and your clean-up area is given it's own spot on the other side.

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Ditto concern abour aisle width especially at refrigerator. Measure counter edge to counter edge.

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I have 2 questions about the fridge... Is it one door or French door? French door makes aisle widths a little less of a worry, except for moving the fridge in and out for cleaning/repairing/replacing. Ovens also sometimes need pulling out for repair or replacement. (If you think that won't happen for years, consider I've had a ridiculous 6 ovens in less than 5 years... not typical, but possible.) The other thing is that unless you're getting a truly counter-depth, integrated fridge, it would most likely be deeper than 25". My 'counter depth fridge' is almost 27" when you include the door, and the handle and the inch or so clearance behind so it can be plugged in add more.

Your island might have to reduce to 18"... and maybe if it was movable, you could squeeze in one that's 21 inches. In this case, I might want to wait til the kitchen was in and mock up what would work before committing to something permanent.

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Thanks for the input everyone. They did come out to measure and I don't have the official measurements yet, but I think I am correct on the extra 7" on the sink wall. That would give me 39 1/2" aisles on the sides of the island (not a lot, but a little more). I did ask them to try to figure out a way to get more space for the refrigerator, if at all possible. It is going to be a French door model (thinking Electrolux right now). The perimeter counter top is 25". I have to check on the island. The cabinetry is custom, so I can have any size that is necessary to make it work.

On swapping the refrigerator and the ovens, it is a good point. The reason I want to leave it as planned is that there is a deck off the back (left side of plan) and I wanted people to be able to come in and get drinks without going across the kitchen. Also if I move it, I lose 6" from the area around the range top.

Any other thoughts for me? Also, if anyone is in love with their wall oven, convection microwave, 30" range top and/or counter depth refrigerator, could you tell me what brand you have? I am starting to shop for appliances and any direction would help. Thanks!

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